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Farage needs his BNP suit cleaned.

Nigel Farage today wrote for popular little Englander newspaper the Daily Express. He did not quite upsurp Diana from the front page but he managed to insult the working classes after his unfortunate brush with an egg throwing man yesterday.Here is his article

Mr Farage, the people who protest against you do not need a ‘good wash’. Such words are the last gasp, the lost argument, when you know it’s over and if that’s all you have left (after calling them/us cretins) then it’s pathetic. You see, we are not the people you think we are, and if you want to behave like the EDL and the BNP by using their rhetoric, you go right ahead. You have after all stolen their grubby little election campaign.Your party seems to appeal to them judging by the number of far right extremists who plan to vote for you.You call for your ‘troops’ if you like, and your ‘People’s Army’, whatever that is. Will you be calling to the EDL and the BNP supporters too? Are you trying to start a war or something?

I presume the use of the word ‘unwashed’ refers to the derogatory term the ruling classes used to denigrate the working classes last century which makes you a grubby little Tory at heart.

By the way, the only thing that needs a wash is your BNP suit, to wash your sweat from the collars. Get it down to the dry cleaners and sort it out man. You need to look smart for your troops Nige.