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From the Britain First website:

“While no great fans of UKIP, Britain First has hundreds of ex-British Forces street activists and several armoured ex-army Land Rovers and we now put our men and our resources at UKIP’s disposal during the period of election campaigning.

We shall continue to fight UKIP for votes at the ballot but we will not allow fellow patriots to be bullied off our streets by un-elected thugs who do not even stand for election themselves.”


Britain First is a British far-right[3] political party and pressure group, registered in November 2011 as a political party, although it is also associated with an unregistered National People’s Party and the Northern Ireland-based Protestant Coalition. It campaigns primarily on what it perceives as the Islamification of the United Kingdom. (Wikipedia)

Britain First (BF) is the brainchild of James Dowson, the man who was once dubbed ‘the person who owned the BNP’

“A shadowy figure in the world of evangelical Protestantism and anti-abortion activity, Dowson made contact with the BNP in 2007 offering his services as a man with a record of get-rich-quick schemes. Originally from Scotland, he’d set himself up in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he took a keen advantage of religious fervour.”


Key Personnel

Probably the only group experiencing growth on the far-right, Britain First has slimmed down its leadership as it strives to streamline a notorious cash-for-controversy operation.

Jim Dowson: Former Calvinist Minister who helped run the BNP between 2007-2010. Controversial businessman who has received funding from the European union in the past. Having built the BNP up, has made it his business to knock it down again. A powerful anti-Griffinite, if not an effective politician. Has been in and out of court in Belfast , Northern Ireland since he took a leading and controversial role in the “Flag Disputes.”


Paul Golding: The BF’s national chairman, Golding is former head of publicity for the BNP as well as a failed councillor in Sevenoaks, Kent. Golding was one of the high flyers in the BNP’s ‘Brat Pack’ during the last decade but was held back by a poor temper and an allegedly challenging life style. Golding is the BF’s Chairman and a recent convert to Christianity which comes hand in hand with being a minor business partner of Dowson. Has been at the forefront of leading the BF’s confrontational street activities but struggles dismally when interviewed by the media. Expected to be the BF candidate against Nick Griffin in the Euro Elections.

What made us laugh the most, is that they can’t even get their election dates correct, and now they are backing UKIP with armoured patrols? Jeez.


They remind us of this wonderful sketch from Not the Nine O’Clock news.

and even the Daily Express think they are racists.