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What have UKIP MEPs got against animals? Elephants for example?



This article from Wildlife News outlines their stance.


and it’s easy to find out for yourself. Go here and search ‘Combating wildlife crime’ and see how UKIP MEPs voted and search by the following filters in following screenshot, hence these results.

loyal animals

“The question has to be what does UKIP have against  rhinos, elephants and tigers to make them vote against a measure that will help combat the illegal trade in some of the world’s most endangered species. Even Nick Griffin of the BNP voted to help protect wildlife.”

And this article in the Independent explains more.


And foxes too. What does Farage and UKIP have against foxes?

Here he is at a hunt greeting huntsmen of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt before a legal Boxing Day chase.



And this is from the deputy leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall:




More about UKIP’s policy, if it still exists.

“Their policy, contained within a document called “A Farming and rural affairs programme for an independent Britain” states that the Hunting Act has been a “practical failure” (without any explanation for this claim) but goes on to state that the future of the Hunting Act should be a decision for local communities. UKIP would give those communities the opportunity to hold a referenda on whether or not to allow hunting.

The problem for UKIP is that their policy, in reality, proposes two things. First, that the Hunting Act doesn’t work. Second, that it will allow communities to repeal it if they so wish, despite the fact that we know the vast majority of the public support the ban on hunting. So as much as they may dislike the Hunting Act, their proposal would see it left on the statute book, not repealed.”


Original UKIP policy here:


And what have UKIP got against seals?

Check out Roger Helmer’s views on seal clubbing:

Roger Helmer said beating “dumb” cubs over the head was “humane” and that they deserved to die because they were “guilty” of eating too many fish.


Roger was the Newark UKIP candidate, who lost spectacularly to the Tories and also in the news lately for his views on rape and is now leader of UKIP in Europe.