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Winston Truman McKenzie (born 23 October 1953) is a British politician and former boxer, notable for having joined every major political party and having stood as an independent or minor party candidate on numerous occasions without success.

He also ran a pub in Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, with his brothers. They opened it as the McKenzie Bros Bar & Grill, but it was threatened with removal of its licence in July 2001 “after being caught several times by police serving alcohol after hours”. 

The premises, previously called the Prince of Wales pub, was described as a “battleground” rife with gangsters and drug-pushers until the brothers took over. It finally closed down in December 2002, after a single police raid resulted in 25 people on the premises all being charged with various drugs and firearms offences.


He also once auditioned for X Factor, but but Winston was shown the door before he could sing for them.


He also once told the Metro that gay adoption is ‘child abuse’.

‘To say to a child, “I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don’t worry about it” – that is abuse. It is a violation of a child’s human rights because that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstances.’


The comments were condemned in 2012 by Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall, as “inflammatory”


Now he is standing in Croydon as an election candidate for UKIP


In 2012 UKIP claimed they had ‘distanced themselves’ from McKenzie’s comments, with London chairman David Coburn saying the party wholeheartedly supported equal rights for couples regardless of their sexuality, but they have still adopted him as a candidate for 2014? I wonder if Nigel is going to give any speeches surrounded by token gays to go with the token ‘ethnics’ he had in the last photo op?


And finally, his views on gay people ‘pretending to be gay’.

“Some people take on being gay as a sort of fashion,” claimed McKenzie. “Celebrities come out to become more well known.”

He added, “It’s a fact of life that some people actually are gay. They are what they are. They can’t help it but the other bunch take on being gay as a fashion and push it because they have nothing better to do with their lives. They let the side down.”