Llandudno Jet Set

A couple of weeks ago pair of academics and an anti-racism campaigner told us that reflex accusations of racism against UKIP were not only counter-productive – opinion polls have shown a rise in support for UKIP since they were criticised for running a racist campaign – they also risked alienating those attracted to UKIP by belittling their concerns and stigmatizing them as racists by association.

On one hand it’s easy to disagree with these people because the boneheaded ideas of UKIP need to be challenged; on the other hand they have experience and knowledge in this area so they should know what they’re talking about. This clash leaves a problem; how are we to contend with the problem that UKIP present?

Thankfully there are several angles from which UKIP can be attacked.

1. The aesthetic angle

Here is their leader.


How can people consider handing proper political power to a person that appears to be middle England’s Patrick Bateman?…

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