A Thousand Flowers


“Freedom of speech, democracy, the rule of law – these are the absolute fundamentals of a free Western society” blazed Nigel Farage last year, attacking regulation of the press.  It seems some in his party could do with revisiting their great leaders impassioned outburst.

Over the last few weeks, UKIP appears to be going to ever greater lengths to ensure that freedom of speech and democracy are principles which aren’t extended to those who oppose them, with a little help from our old pal, “the rule of law.”

When Michael Abberton, a blogger and Green Party member, saw a anti-UKIP meme, “10 Great Reasons to vote UKIP”, he resisted the temptation to do what people on the internet are supposed to.  Instead of clicking like/share/retweeting and passing on whatever someone happens to put on a picture as fact, he decided to investigate.  Having concluded his research, Michael then reuploaded the…

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