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Most people have probably seen this infographic now, and are aware of the fallout and media interest after it was tweeted on social media which resulted in a police visit after a UKIP councillor complained.


So we decided to analyse it in more detail. The ‘fact checked’ version has been published in many mainstream newspapers after the police visit, but what are the actual facts behind it and what’s happened to some of the links in the revised, ‘fact checked’ edition that led to the police visit?

This is the original infographic. Below that is the ‘fact checked’ version and the links, some of which we were able to find in Google cache.




If links have been removed, it’s because they’ve taken down. Thanks to Google cache we’re able to find copies of those as they were when they were last online.

And once again, we have to ask. Why was this information removed? Are UKIP trying to hide something? Have they been caught out? They certainly don’t seem to like to come any under scrutiny at all.

NB. When we produced this post this morning (15/05/2014) the Google cache link here was working but now it’s somehow been removed as well!

But we have PDF versions which have now been uploaded as follows.

1: Scrapping Paid Maternity Leave

(part 1) http://tulo.3cdn.net/bb911e8cfce3a9b3ca_mlbrq2dye.pdf

(part 2) http://tulo.3cdn.net/52402af80e13c83d92_mlbra2ebq.pdf

The policies from Amjad Bashir’s website mysteriously vanished recently.


2: Raising Income Tax for the poorest 88% of Britons

(part 1) http://tulo.3cdn.net/bb911e8cfce3a9b3ca_mlbrq2dye.pdf

(part 2) http://tulo.3cdn.net/52402af80e13c83d92_mlbra2ebq.pdf

3: Scrapping your holiday entitlement

(part 1) http://tulo.3cdn.net/bb911e8cfce3a9b3ca_mlbrq2dye.pdf

(part 2) http://tulo.3cdn.net/52402af80e13c83d92_mlbra2ebq.pdf

4: Speeding up privatisation of the NHS

5: Cancel all planned house-building

This appears to refer to building on green belt land, which is an arguable point, and perhaps sensible? Some may agree, some may not. UKIP do not.


6: Cancelling regulations to make banks safer

The claim that UKIP wants to cancel bank regulations “to make banks safer” was a commitment on the party’s policy website, according to this article in The Yorker which is a student-run media site based at the University of York which claims no political affiliations at all.

It states: “According to their policy website UKIP… wants [to] further de-regulate the city… Indeed their primary reasons for leaving the EU relate to the need to cut such rights and regulations in the name of The City and big business.”

This would appear to be corroborated by Nigel Farage himself, who wrote in an Independent article in January this year.

(thanks to http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/ukip-uncovered-more-hidden-policies-revealed-part-one-of-a-possible-series/ for this info)

7: Abandoning all action on climate change


8: Abolish laws to protect your human rights


9: Making it legal for a man to rape or assault his wife


didn't vote

All UKIP MEPs either voted against, or didn’t vote for this motion

Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls’

and this particular section!


Perhaps they didn’t read it? Were they even there?

and there’s this as well…


10: Cutting education and buying 3 aircraft carriers instead


(although this seems not to mention the 3 new aircraft carriers, so more information here)

However, we have found no source for the ‘cutting education’ part of this statement, so this is not corroborated. Perhaps an old deleted policy they hid like the others?


Green Party peer Baroness Jones is planning to write to the home secretary demanding an investigation