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The VoteWatch Europe website is a useful site for monitoring MEPs voting records in the EU.

From it we can find how our MEPs are representing us in Europe, and consequently in the UK.

If you want to do the same click here and search for a motion in the search box and then choose the following filters to the voting details section. This will tell you how your UKIP MEPs voted, or didn’t vote.


For example..

This is a motion from February 2013. It’s entitled Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls.

(More information on this recommendation to the EU Commission here)

EU MEPs are then expected to vote on whether they are for the motion, or against.


A ‘Didn’t vote’ is a ‘Didn’t vote’, and an ‘Absent’ is ‘Absent’.

Abstaining is different from absent. In other words they were there, and had collected their allowance for being there but instead chose not to vote.

A ‘Rebel’ vote means UKIP rebelled against the EFD bloc which may have decided to vote Yes or No.

In this following screenshot you can see the option ‘Defections in political groups’ highlighted.

That’s ALL the defections from the EFD group, of who UKIP are members. In this case 14 rebelled against the EFD bloc, and 14 were loyal.


This is the how the individual UKIP MEPs voted for this motion.

NB: The yellow hand is an abstention, not a “yes” vote.


And then there was this motion, from February 2014 – ‘Combating violence against women‘.

More information on the recommendation to the EU commission here.

This is how our UKIP MEPs voted on that motion.


And then there is this one from April 2011: EU policy framework to fight violence against women

More information on that motion here.

This is how our UKIP MEPs voted on that one.


One has to ask why don’t they vote and, more importantly, why do they sometimes vote against motions like this?

What were they even doing there, and fully able to vote on an important issue such as this and then decide not to? Are they just collecting the cash but not bothering to contribute in any way to the outcome of these motions?

Or did they chose not to? Why did they choose not to vote? Did they chose to ignore furthering the rights of women?

Furthermore, why, when asked again to step up and make a stand for women, do they prefer to collect an allowance and abstain a second time?

The mind boggles.