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See this letter today in the Derby Telegraph. This is typical of UKIP supporters.

“The EU is not about or for the people of Europe. It is about lucrative jobs for politicians and unelected bureaucrats.”

The facts are as so:

A new team of 28 Commissioners (one from each EU country) is appointed every five years.

Commissioners are selected by the Member States governments. If an EU member state was to put forward an elected candidate, then it would be extremely difficult for the European Parliament to reject that candidate. The Commissioners, once selected, have to be validated by the MEPs in the European Parliament, but they have been known to reject people.

“The European Council nominates a candidate to be president of the Commission, who must be approved by a majority of members of the European Parliament. If the MEPs reject the candidate, the Council has one month to put forward another. The president-elect chooses the commissioners (and their policy area) from candidates put forward by EU countries. The list of commissioners is then submitted for approval (by qualified majority) first to the Council of Ministers, then to Parliament. If Parliament approves, the new Commission is officially appointed by the Council. The current Commission’s term of office runs until 31 October 2014, and its President is José Manuel Barroso from Portugal.”

“Permanent officials are selected by open competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). EPSO deals with personnel selection not only for the Commission but also for all the other European Institutions. Open competitions are published in the Official Journal and announced on the EPSO website. You must be a national of one of the EU countries, be physically fit to perform your duties, produce suitable character references, and have a thorough knowledge of one of the EU’s official languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another.”

If UKIP have such a problem with these so-called ‘unelected bureaucrats’ then why don’t they complain about unelected civil servants, or those occupying the House of Lords seats that they demand? We should ask them how they would change the system to make it more democratic? They seem happy to take the EU cash, and line their pockets with it and yet not vote on important issues affecting people all over the EU.