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More threats… 21/07/2014


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<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=”https://twitter.com/SLATFascists”>@slatfascists</a&gt; Mmm Slatty how does it feel knowing there are people out there who would love to cut your face off with a rusty knife?</p>&mdash; Bonehill’s Bandits (@Bonehillsarmy) <a href=”https://twitter.com/Bonehillsarmy/statuses/491336772643979264″>July 21, 2014</a></blockquote>
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UPDATED 18:01 20/07/2104

This was tweeted at us earlier this evening. No idea who ‘Steven’ is! More threats. Odd, and strange, and creepy too. Is it Robin Cook, or Joshua Bonehill making threats again?

FireShot Screen Capture #047 - 'Twitter _ TakenoteDavid_ Take note steven @SLATUKIP ___' - twitter_com_TakenoteDavid_status_490900539459502080

And this at @SLATfascists …


We’ve all heard of Joshua Bonehill now, and most of us are pretty sick and tired of his bullshit. Anyway, seems he has a new friend now – Robin Cook, and his son Alex Cook (who Joshua Bonehill has been friends with for a while).

Hope Not Hate outed his bizarre behaviour online back in May 2013, but it would appear Robin didn’t like that much and took much offence to being exposed and retaliated in his own unique way.

All this has been going on for a long time and had been extensively covered on SLATFascist’s blog and you’d have thought he’d had enough by now, but no. He’s escalated it to a whole new level of public threats on social media, as you will see in this blog post about how he has also teamed up with Joshua Bonehill and now supports his ‘Nationalist British Resistance’ idiocy.

We have covered Joshua Bonehill’s activities online before, but this is the background to the story about Robin and Alex Cook.

This is the Hope Not Hate article and this is the Guardian article in which Robin Cook is mentioned and this is his consequential reaction/behaviour online.

This is an old response from Robin’s son, Alex Cook to accusations made about his father, and UKIP.

Apparently Robin Cook is not well respected in UKIP circles (so we hear from sources who used to work for UKIP) and they tell us that he once falsely claimed to be PPC for UKIP and now he seems to be happy to dish out threats online via his various sock accounts, playing the big man, threatening anyone who questions him and backing up Joshua Bonehill’s activities at the same time.

This is his main twitter account he is using now.


And here he is tweeting this picture, same one tweeted and used as a profile picture by the account ‘Take Note David‘ and tweeted by ‘Bonehills Bandits

take note david 1

take note david

bandits lick

Bonehill’s Bandit’s Twitter Timeline

We must note at this point that we can not 100% verify that Robin Cook is always running Bonehill’s Bandits or Founderguard, but he’s got access to them both it would appear. The @TakeNoteDavid is another Twitter account set up deliberately to intimidate ‘David’.

Robin Cook, his son Alex Cook, and others (and Joshua Bonehill) are convinced the person/people behind @SLATFascists on Twitter (and SLATUKIP) is someone called ‘David’ and/or ‘Craig’, who are two innocent and random folk who are nothing at all to do with this. More information here about the history of ‘David’ and ‘Craig’ and how their activities online are dangerous.


It seems they are all very good at putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5, and they have been working very hard to find out who runs these accounts. What they plan to do when they have found out is another question. Innocent people are however being named online, and telephone numbers are being tweeted.

This is Robin Cook tweeting about ‘Manchester’ where he believes ‘David’ lives.

manchester 2 manchester

dave manchester

Whoever tweets from Bonehill’s Bandits likes to put himself over as a big man on Twitter, and pretends to be a Hell’s Angel to scare folk. This is one of his tweets from April 2014.

hells angels

and another (also from April)

hells angels josh

(note the retweet from Joshua Bonehill)

The threats from Robin have been going on for a while.

This is the story about how he threatened ‘David’ one night, and told him he was coming to his house with some burly rugby players.


He tries the same trick using the scare tactic of ‘C18 lads’ – (All about Combat 18 here)

And several months on he it seems he is still making threats online using the @Founderguard account (likely set up by Joshua and login details probably handed over to Robin at some point to avoid Robin having to do this and implicate himself?)

Here is @Founderguard making threats to someone on Twitter who is questioning the ‘great leader’. He tweets a newspaper article about missing people to intimdate the person he is talking to here.

founderguard threat go mto police if you feel threatened

and he’s ‘marking’ people…

marked 2 marked

@Founderguard describes himself in the BIO as Bonehill’s “Bodyguard of the Founder and policing unit of


and then making threats to @SLATFascists (who he assumes lives in Manchester)

slatty lick spoon

and then @TakeNoteDavid starts making threats again to us via DM on Twitter. He uses the term ‘slatty’ a lot too. Here is @Founderguard making out there’s a load of ‘blood and honour’ type guys who are unhappy. More threats.

slatty 1

threat 2


‘the people’s saviour?’ I must ‘pay with my life’?

threat 3threat

And they all seem to support UKIP!!

vote ukip josh

rt ukip robin

bonehills ukip bandits rt

Things started to reach a new level of fuckwittery when @founderguard started to tweet a telephone number.

As so (number edited out so as not to reveal publicly)

phone number

The phone number is for an SEO company in Manchester, and we have informed them what he is doing, but obviously they don’t want to get involved! Don’t blame them either. Perhaps the police would like to have a word with Robin and Joshua about this victimisation of innocent folk?

There is also have the curious twitter account of Tim McMaster (link here).  Some people seem to think that is just another one of Josh (or perhaps Robin’s) sock accounts, but maybe not.  This account has started to retweet and comment on a lot of Josh’s ramblings.  What we do know about Tim is this:

  • He is a member of ‘Founderguard’
  • He is in his 50’s
  • He has his nose firmly up the behind of Joshua Bonehill.
  • He is a dangerous threat.

It’s all a bit pathetic really, but if we’d not already known there were so many loons out there dishing out death threats online, and expecting no consequences, we’d have been slightly worried about personal safety at times hence the reason we go to such lengths to protect our anonymity, and is it any wonder?!

I hope this is investigated in full and those responsible are hauled in for questioning.

You can contact us for more information, as we have a lot more, via email on Darkestnightsteve@gmail.com