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My name is Timothy McMaster (link) and this is my story.  I think that perhaps the first thing to get out there is that “Tim” is not my real name, the account was a fictional account created to interact with Joshua Bonehill-Paine.  The history of Josh and his wibbling has been covered on this blog before so there is no point in covering old ground.

I think that perhaps the first thing to do is a bit about “Tim”

Timothy McMaster is as follows

  • 2IC of Founderguard
  • Confident of Joshua Bonehill-Paine
  • 2IC of NBR London Division
  • A divorced father of 2 children.
  • Had previous interactions with the NF
  • Ex Private Investigator
  • He is 58 and from the North East, but living in London

Josh has fallen for the whole lot, I think that by starting easy and working my way in slowly with him had proven successful.  The fact that “Tim” was older than Josh probably worked in my favour, Josh seemingly wants a father figure in his life, he clearly has no parental figure in his life, perhaps explaining his desire for attention.  That aside, none of this would have been possible without both SLATUKIP & SLATFASCISTS, as soon as they became aware of what I wanted to do, they were very interested in what I had to tell them.

The fact I was accepted as a member of founderguard with a recommendation from Josh was simply amazing, it shows either I am a marvellous actor, or they are terminally stupid.  Here is the response from Ragnor;

Morning Tim, Thank you for your answers!
I welcome you to Founderguard unit, i will also have to get you to the oath over the phone to do this please can i have a contact number,thank you!
I also welcome you to be my second in command, you have been highly recommended,
We are both based in london, you are south,i live in east london,
I look forward in meeting you in the future and i welcome you again!

In Blood and Glory

Freedom and valour


I have included some Josh’s more strange Direct Messages with ‘Tim’ here for you to have a look at, some of them are about Sigma Amethyst (truly bizarre individual)

Photo 22-07-2014 19 34 21

The reason I have decided to go public and blow my cover is that Josh is becoming more and more volatile, and does not seem to be learning from his mistakes.

On the subject of a previous blog on here, we have the case of Robin and Alex Cook.  Here are some screenshots that prove beyond reasonable doubt that both of them are working very closely with Josh, but that also Alex is the one who can target and take down Facebook pages.

Photo 22-07-2014 19 33 54


Photo 22-07-2014 19 33 45

During this conversation Bonehead states how he was given a phone number by Robin Cook, to tweet, and that Robin tweeted it from the Founderguard (FG) account. This was the supposed phone number of @SLATfascists as tweeted here:

Photo 16-07-2014 22 59 47

The purpose of this blog has been to blow open the fact that Josh had allowed a spy into his camp, and one who had grown quite close to the “leader”  Even up to five minutes ago he was still messaging me.

Photo 22-07-2014 19 04 57

It seems Josh genuinely does see himself as a future leader, and believes in the cult of personality he has built up around him.  The only problem for him is, only he believes it, the rest of the right wing see him for what he truly is, a loner, who needs attention.

I will add all of the screenshots of DM conversations between Josh and I, and also the full list of emails between Ragnor and I in a later blog.


Anon (Tim)