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The SLATUKIP blog is usually reserved for exposing kippers who have stood for public office or have been elected to it.  On occasion though, we assign blog space to someone who is neither elected nor an election candidate.  But that’s okay; as Andy Warhol wrote in the program of his 1968 exhibition in Stockholm, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”.

Your 15 minutes have arrived, Caroline Santos.  I challenge any of you to find a stupider Tweet from a UKIP member than this.  [In case you may be concerned that the Tweet is being taken out of context, we highly recommend you read LiberalIsland’s latest blog entry which shows that it isn’t.  Nor is it a rhetorical question.]


N.B. Underneath the black rectangle is @LiberalIsland’s real first name, which we have no desire to propagate (though it is no big secret).