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Nigel Farage sparked fierce controversy in January when he confirmed that UKIP would legalise and licence handguns in Britain if the party is elected, reasoning that proper licensing policy will prevent irresponsible use. The fact that it would generate demand and illegal trafficking, along with the fact general crime could increase as a consequence, seemed to evade his notice. It would also seem UKIP don’t really deal in facts or logic, so naturally he wouldn’t feel the need to elaborate on what they would do if another Dunblane occurred.

When Farage made his comments they were reported in The Telegraph in January this year and there was a opportunity for readers to vote on whether the handguns should be legalised, we noticed at the time that the link to the Telegraph article, and the voting application, was being shared in pro-gun forums all over the internet, in the UK, Canada and the US, in an attempt to encourage the yes vote. This tactic seems popular with UKIP supporters whenever there is a voting application in a newspaper, and was certainly the case here.

Here follows a couple of examples:

(If you search Google for the Telegraph link – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/ukip/10595087/Hand-guns-should-be-legalised-and-licensed-Nigel-Farage-has-said.html – you will find plenty more)

vote 2

vote 3


The furore eventually died down until a Conservative MEP belatedly tweeted his support for Farage’s remarks last week, blaming a “nasty tabloid campaign” for legislation passed after 16 children and a teacher were killed by the 43-year-old former shopkeeper Thomas Hamilton in 1996.  We only need to look at the US and their appalling history of mass fatal shootings to see just how dangerous guns are.

Daniel Hannan later clarified that he supported recommendations set out by the Cullen inquiry, and considered a subsequent amendment by Blair which banned the possession of any cartridge ammunition handgun regardless of the calibre to be a step too far. Hannan is a strong proponent of leaving the EU and forging a UKIP/Tory coalition although it has been rumoured that he may defect at some point in the near future.

We think he’ll fit right in with the other fruitcakes and assorted reactionaries!