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Written by Gary Hasting

A UKIP MEP faced fresh controversy today after it has emerged that she has been in contact with the woman she racially abused and asked the couple to not make a fuss for the good of the party according to the husband of the women she abused.

Atkinson was caught by a BBC South East microphone describing her Thai constituent as a ‘Ting Tong from somewhere’,  an derogative words used by Thais to describe someone who is mentally ill.

UKIP issued a statement to the Thanet Extra claiming the Mr Munday and his wife had accepted their apology.  Mr Munday immediately refuted this as lies on the Extra’s Facebook page issuing a statement that he wants nothing more to do with UKIP until Atkinson is dealt with by senior UKIP officials.

Atkinson’s statement after the event, claimed that she was horrified by what she had said and the offence it caused to the family.

Atkinson’s apologies appear to have been as convincing as a Christmas card from the Islamic State, as Mr Munday issued a further statement today claiming that Atkinson had called him and instead of apologising, spent most of the call telling him about the damage is was doing to the party and party leader, Nigel  Farage. 

He went on to explain that Nigel Farage visited him at his house in what seemed like a damage limitation exercise.  Mr Munday finished his statement by declaring Atkinson a racist and demanding that she should be thrown out of the party.

It has not been the first time Atkinson has courted controversy. In the run up to the 2014 European Elections she was caught launching into a foul mouthed outburst where she told some green supporters to ‘fuck off’.  Since her time in European Parliament her voting record has been less than sparkling for us tax payers who are funding her lifestyle.. 

Mr Munday’s statement is below:


Via EDLNews