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A perfect hoover for a Kipper?

Not satisfied after calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty last week, Louise Bours and UKIP are getting folk all hot under the collar with their latest EU ‘controversy’, also reported here in The Express.

This is what the UK said about the proposals three years ago when they first came out.

“The UK welcomes the Commission’s proposals for vacuum cleaners and the associated energy savings. The UK shares the Commission’s concern about the trend towards higher input power and therefore higher energy consumption, particularly as evidence suggests this does not correlate with improved product performance. The UK also welcomes the proposal for an energy label, as this will enable consumers to identify the energy consumption of a vacuum cleaner at the point of sale. We do, however, believe that minimum standards could be more ambitious than currently proposed”

Which means the UK would have gone FURTHER.

It’s not about the power. It’s about how much suction you can get for the engine size in question. If the engine size is reduced then the industry is forced to give you greater suck efficiency for the engine. It’s like Formula One, restrictions force innovation in the market.

The UK were, like every other Member State, on the panels for this legislation so how come the BBC are only reporting on it now and not when the legislation was going through? Where were the UK industry representatives, Hoover and Dyson, during this process? Why wasn’t this contested at the time when, at various stages, UK MEPs and the UK representatives in the Council of EU and on the regulatory committee all VOTED on the plan as it went through, in the EP’s case twice? Were the companies asleep? No they weren’t. They participated by lobbying heavily all the way through the two directives that are causing this change.

(Note that the article points out that energy efficiency with smaller engines is something Dyson has already done. Its cleaners aren’t affected because they’re already more energy efficient and don’t need such big motors.)

Further info from the EU website here:


The only reason you’re hearing about it NOW is because the retailers want you to go out and panic-buy all their remaining energy-INefficient stock that they will otherwise have to scrap! Don’t be suckered in by UKIP bullshit!