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When do MEPs become unaccountable to members of the public who contribute to their huge salaries in exchange for representing our interests with the European Union? When they become UKIP MEPs it would seem.

Setting aside the recent antics of Janice Atkinson who positively glides through Teflon coated corridors of power and takes a ‘holiday’ when confronted with barely disguised racist comments about a constituent, we now have Jane Collins, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire spreading a fake/made up meme about Chuka Umunna, Labour Member of Parliament for Streatham and Shadow Business Secretary.

So what, you may say, it’s par for the course for kippers to gleefully jump onto anything they can to prop up their rabid ‘liblabcon’ agenda to deflect away from their own party’s dismal failings. We can laugh at them and even have a great deal of fun at their expense. But we’re talking about an elected official here, who has no place supporting extreme far right propaganda and feeding hatred amongst that fertile breeding ground for division of our communities.

When the tweet first appeared people rightly called Collins out for the source. It soon became apparent the reason why she was reluctant to reveal the source. It was lifted directly from the neo-nazi site of our old friend and serial malicious communications offender Joshua Bonehill, who is currently under police investigation and awaiting another court appearance.

jane collins

Only when challenged by fellow tweeters did Collins admit she had made a mistake, that she did not check her source and apologised to the tweeter. She offered no apology to Chukka Umunna, despite this unpleasant and possibly libellous meme doing the rounds on far right sites on social media such as Britain First amongst others and the accompanying bilious comments that ensued.

BF post

Look how many shares it got? And this is a complete lie.

Britain First fans were busy commenting away, despite people trying to tell them it wasn’t true.



It would seem the image went viral afterwards, and UKIP activists were tweeting all over the place. Here’s David Jones, doing his bit.


Collins then deleted the offending tweet and blocked people who reasonably queried why she felt it necessary to RT a fake image from a source she did not check. This smacks of arrogance and the utmost disregard for the very people she is accountable to, the general public. Now, aside from her contempt for the voting public, there is a more sinister agenda here. You will recall that Chukka Umunna was recently attacked in the most vile way by kippers on social media because he was quoted out of context about internet usage within that demographic. Why would an MEP then post this unsubstantiated quote from him unless to further some agenda against him? Yet that is not the only unpleasant aspect of this sorry saga.

The other unpalatable issue for ukip is the connection between an MEP and a far right neo nazi. Jane Collins did not RT that picture, she lifted it directly from the site it originated, National British Resistance, the neo nazi site run by Joshua Bonehill . https://twitter.com/official_nbr/status/506467219275268096


He has also tweeted proudly that he was the origin of the smear against Umunna. https://twitter.com/leaderbonehill/status/506513823218819072.

I cannot imagine why an MEP would be following such a site, let alone proliferate an image which could be construed to inciting racial hatred.  Bonehill is still tweeting his usual rubbish this morning, based on his own lies. Isn’t there some law against blatant lies like this, made up by hitler wannabe fascists like Bonehill?


This may all sound like a storm in a tea party, however, not content with the earlier mess she got herself into, we also discovered this retweet of ex EDL Tommy Robinson. Again she has since deleted the tweet, possibly after bring further challenged.


Now, we know kippers are not the brightest stars in the universe, but we expect more from an MEP. We expect them to work hard for their constituents and their salaries. We expect them to engage with the public in a decent and fair manner. We don’t expect them to engage in promoting far right propaganda as a knee jerk reaction to something they see and want to believe. We certainly don’t expect them to believe they can treat us with contempt when called out publicly to account for their actions, and certainly not to be promoting extreme far-right views of the likes of idiots like Tommy Robinson, and Joshua Bonehill.

Jane Collins can cite freedom of speech if she so wishes. UKIP usually do when it’s their freedom of speech, yet I doubt she will on this occasion. She knows she has overstepped the mark. She may have also broken the law, she has certainly left us in no doubt that she has zero credibility in what she says now she has been exposed as a blind re-tweeter of some of the most prolific neo-nazi rubbish on social media today.

Even as this is being written she is still re tweeting from dubious sources and followers from the extreme far right. Maybe UKIP is not the right party for her, or maybe it is!