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UKIP are complaining on Twitter and Facebook tonight about an alleged assault on a UKIP councillor in Middleton.



These heavies??

tommy edl

Here are Kippers, frothing away.

labour voters

Labour voters???  Tarnishing an estimated 30+% of the electorate does not seem a wise move.

And check those comments under above tweets! Bonkers


twitter labour phone

Note the sly UKIP Heywood and Middleton election campaign poster slipped in amongst it all!

Then a hunt begins for the lady who allegedly broke this mobile phone and images of her vehicle and registration number are posted on Twitter.

car phone

car labour

The worst part of this whole episode is the hypocrisy:

Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, along with party supporters seem happy to accuse others of going on a ‘witch-hunt’ in the face of what many would call legitimate criticism.

Here’s UKIP’s MEP in Wales, Nathan Gill claiming it’s a witch hunt in the run-up to this year’s European Elections.


And deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP.

witchhunt bbc

And the leader himself.  Note a theme here?


This UKIP persecution complex had been documented in the weeks leading up to and following the European Elections.  So we leave you with Will Porter’s piece in the Huffington Post written in May.  The main message: scrutiny and witch-hunts are not the same thing.  When will they understand?