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by Martin Odoni

James O’Brien of ‘Leading Britain’s Conversation’ (LBC) Radio is becoming quite the needle in the flesh of the UK Independence Party. A few months ago, many will recall, he gave the party’s loathsome leader, Nigel Farage, an absolutely bruising grilling live on air, and triggered several rather telling xenophobic ‘slips’ from Farage. This week, he presented a phone-in in which he spoke to a UKIP supporter going by the name of ‘Jack’, and exposed rather easily just how little that ‘Jack’ knew about the party he supports with such unquestioning passion.

‘Jack’ phoned in to object to O’Brien’s assertion that UKIP is against immigration. O’Brien pointed out, quite correctly, many of the indicators that show beyond doubt that that is precisely what UKIP is. Rhetoric such as ‘”time to pull up the drawbridge” is not, despite ‘Jack’s’ protestations to the contrary, an appeal for…

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