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Thursday the 9th October saw the long awaited day for feverish kippers hoping for a tremor in parliament for UKIP candidate John Bickley, parachuted into the Heywood and Middleton by-election after failing to previously capture Wythenshawe and Sale East.

He was riding on the grief tourism ticket favoured by UKIP in other parts of the North. In order to ramp up the usual kipper discrediting of Labour councillors in any way possible, at around 15:00 one of his colleagues and serial tweeter of unsubstantiated facts, Jane Collins MEP, grief tourist supreme, put this tweet out which was gleefully doing the rounds of kipper land before you could blink!


Which led to the incident being reported as an attack and an alleged assault here.


Due to Collins’ previous, questions needed asking to get to the bottom of things. So Cllr Paul Brothwell Dudley MBC was asked for his version of events, in particular who had assaulted him and if had it been reported. He at least was responsive, which makes a change from the usual blocking you receive when challenging UKIP’s elected officials. He named Councillor Donna Martin East Middleton Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families. Here are some of his tweets about the incident.

Of course this was after he had twice retweeted Jane Collins’ tweets about the incident, without putting her straight about the facts of the matter, nor has he seen fit to educate her further on what really took place.

He elaborated further the next day but says he did not speak to any press about the incident as there was a story in the Times (allegedly) which we seem unable to source, but contradicts himself over what damage was done to his phone.

Of course there are always two if not more sides to every story, at least in the land of sanity and reason. According to our source, a witness on the scene, Paul Brothwood was outside the polling station in his role as a teller, asking members of the voting public who they were voting for and canvassing. So he challenged him.

“I questioned him about canvassing at the entrance to the polling station and he said that it was allowed. I asked his name but he wouldn’t say so I said “you must be anonymous. I took out my phone to take his picture but as I haven’t mastered it yet it wouldn’t take.”

How odd that a teller would not be identifiable with at least a rosette and would also refuse their name once approached, given that their role involves asking for the public’s details!

So what’s the problem with the above then? Last time I looked it was and still is illegal to canvass or campaign in the vicinity of a polling station in the day of any election.


Nor must they enter a polling station which Councillor Brothwell did as stated in his letter of complaint to the returning officer which he posted on twitter the following day.

The witness then goes on to say that “He then said he was taking our pictures. Donna asked him not to take hers but he continued, she asked him again not to and brushed his arm away from her. His phone fell to the ground and Donna apologised and said that she did ask him not to photograph her.
He said that this was assault and would report it.”

Councillor Martin confirmed that he pushed his phone into her face in an aggressive manner to try and snap her and that she felt intimidated by his actions she moved her arm to shield herself and brushed his hand holding the device. The device fell to the ground and the case was broken. A far cry from his and outraged kippers assertions that his phone was taken from him and smashed!

In fact, it appears that a smashed phone is still able to take a picture, which he proceeded to do and then posted on twitter, despite Cllr Martin asking him not to take a picture, let alone give permission for him to publish that picture. We can only surmise he posted that to further whip up harassment against Cllr Martin and cause her more distress. Again, we reiterate that he conceded that there was no assault involved, but some verbal altercation and a broken phone case.

Despite Brothwood claiming he is a victim it would appear that Cllr Martin is the real victim of what she described as intimidation and harassment, and her only crime was to try and defend her privacy. However, Cllr Brothwood seems to have a view of Labour councillors and supporters as ‘thugs’ as he tweeted the following day.

It would appear, after considering the above, that Cllr Brothwood might be blowing up a situation out of nothing when he was challenged; aided and abetted by our old friend Jane Collins who once again could not wait to flesh the story out.

In fact we can find no mention of this incident in the press anywhere given it was so serious an allegation by UKIP. Even notorious UKIP hugging Breitbart didn’t run with it after hearing Cllr Martin’s version when they called her as they obviously knew it didn’t have any legs. They also failed to pick up on the main story here.

Aside from the claims and counter claims of this whole debacle along with the frankly ridiculous assertions by kippers that a respected Labour councillor of seventeen years standing assaulted somebody in broad daylight, let’s also not lose sight about just what Cllr Brothwood may have been doing outside that polling station.

But then, UKIP believe they are above the law, and in their arrogance, they also appear to not much care when caught out!