This story is still doing the rounds on Twitter and folk still sharing his tweets after several publications covered it




The account is definitely fake UKIP though. Not breakaway, just an angry troll. Although he claimed he worked for UKIP once. He’s doing it because he can pretend it wasn’t him, and then try blame someone else.


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We stumbled across this Twitter account last night, and it’s transpired that it’s a fake account tweeting all sorts of hate, with the aim of appearing to be official.

Tweets like this, for example: DISGRACE PERVERT   FireShot Screen Capture #052 - 'UKIP East London on Twitter_ _God doesn't agree with Homosexuality and neither should you_ I know the majority of us in UKIP feel the same way_ http___t_co_Z6uZV7W36j_' - twitter_com_UK

However, it soon becomes apparent that it’s probably the work of Joshua Bonehill


Here he is tweeting one of his Daily Bale articles: https://twitter.com/UKIPEastLondon/status/537705376343683072 and ‘proud’ to have made a trend on Twitter: (all just a game to him, to increase his social media presence)


Poor Suzanne Evans is none too happy though:


So the account asks her to follow him to ‘explain his actions’: call

and this would suggest she called him:

call back

Here the account claims that she did call him:

step down

of course, he has nothing to ‘step down’ from. Earlier he was making himself out to be this person:


So what is he doing?

And did Suzanne Evans really call him? Twitter might want to ask her nicely? (she’s blocked us)

And furthermore, does he think he can hide behind fake UKIP accounts and tweet his hate speech without anyone finding out? Seems like he thinks he can.