Hashtags #ukip and #brexit  I follow religiously on twitter because I am interested in economy and exasperated with the nonsense regurgitated day in day out by eurosceptic kippers in their Closed Ideology Echo Chamber with no-one there seriously challenging them. So what are these #ukip economic mantras that do not stand up to any kind of scrutiny and defy common sense?

  • In the EU we are shackled to a moribund corpse in terminal decline
  • The percentage of global Gross domestic product (GDP) of the EU is shrinking
  • Look at all these developing countries showing 6-8% annual growth, we’re missing out not trading with them
  • After #brexit we will be free to trade with the world
  • We should have never deserted our friends in the commonwealth
  • Our trade with the EU is massively distorted by the Rotterdam-Antwerp effect
  • If only we could make our own trade deals, sit at the top…

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