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Which is the most feckless UKIP branch in the country?

Is it the UKIP Lambeth and North Croydon branch, which was suspended (yes, the entire branch) last December?

Probably, but we think UKIP Bristol would be a good candidate for the award.  Its committee members are listed on its website, optimistically placed under a famous Barack Obama quote:


The personnel of UKIP Bristol.

Let’s find out more about three of them: Steve Wood (chairman), John Langley (vice chairman) and Michael Frost, the party’s only councillor in Bristol City Council.

Steve Wood (Chairman)

Chairman Steve Wood has ‘liked’ a few far-right pages on Facebook, including a page called ‘The Templars. 2012’, which uses imagery and words similar to that found in Anders Breivik’s manifesto.  Here is an example of their posts (caution: contains a racial slur).  And with other, raunchy ‘likes’ such as ‘Magaluf Exposed’, it’s a wonder how Wood gets any of his chairman duties done!

Pages 'liked' by the chairman of UKIP Bristol.

Pages ‘liked’ by the chairman of UKIP Bristol.

Incredibly, the same Steve Wood then complained on a UKIP Bristol forum about the Bridge Learning Campus school listing UKIP with the EDL and the BNP.

Steve Wood complains about a school presentation slide.

Steve Wood complains about a school presentation slide.

John Langley (Vice Chairman)

We have just written a blog entry about how Langley seems to have contacts in the EDL.  Read it here, including an update with Langley’s unusual response to the allegations.

Michael Frost (Councillor)

Frost is the only elected UKIP representative in Bristol and is known for his outbursts.  Last August, he made lavish security demands.  He seemingly called the electorate ‘wimps, whingers and apologists’.  He also angered residents at a council meeting.  But it was on Twitter that Frost surpassed himself, retweeting the anti-Muslim group Bluehand and writing that Israelis and Palestinians should kill each other.  Read LiberalIsland’s take on the Tweets here.

Councillor Michael Frost on Twitter.

Councillor Michael Frost on Twitter.

And despite all of the above, Frost had the temerity to call the Bridge Learning Campus school ‘totally outrageous’!

Conclusion: what stands out about UKIP Bristol, above other branches, is their utter hypocrisy.  The three most high profile members of UKIP Bristol were very vocal in refuting UKIP being listed as a racist group during a presentation in a local school.  Yet those three same men are quite happy to sympathise with far-right groups on social media.  One even appears to be on speaking terms with them.