Van Rants

Below is a draft for a leaflet which can be printed by anyone with a printer, a leaflet which can then be blu-tacked, paper-clipped, stapled or selotaped inside or on the front page of a certain hate-spreading, fear-mongering newspaper.  This is a way for the people to answer back to the Fleet-Street elite on equal terms.  This is not a restriction of freedom of speech, it is an expansion of it.

This below leaflet is a draft, so I welcome suggestions on how to make it better.  It is also about a specific newspaper (I will not explicitly say which one, for obvious reasons!)

Dear reader, this newspaper is lying to you.

This newspaper is owned by a tax-dodging, corrupt, foreign billionaire.  This man is a member of the global elite, and uses this newspaper to distract people from the crimes of the British elites, by printing headlines which attack…

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