The term ‘libtard’ or ‘leftard’ is used as a blanket insult to attack those who oppose UKIP and in an attempt to close debate down. Go search Twitter for both terms and take a look.

These terms are a play on the word ‘retard’ and used to suggest anyone who disagrees with them must be mentally or physically impaired, thus mocking those who actually are. Nice.

Now, if you are a dedicated Ukipper, you will have heard of the following quote, reproduced here in in picture form (a favourite for Ukippers). Of course, most Kippers are a big fan of Mrs Thatcher, so will fully appreciate this:


But, oh… what if those poor little snowflake Kippers were referred to as ‘kiptards’? What outrage would we see from them if the left and the liberals were to resort to disablist language like this?

So, next time a Ukip Kipper loses the argument, and resorts to personal insults, remember this quote above. Tweet them this blog post, and remind them that they are losing the argument, and just as their great idol once pointed out it cheers us up immensely knowing just that.

Have a lovely day.