This is a guest post written by a former adviser to the UK Independence Party. We have removed his name due to the amount of hateful comments posted on the individual’s previous articles from both UKIP members and staff. 

As an ex adviser and candidate for the party I am astonished to see what has become of UKIP and its disciplinary conduct in the months since the referendum. There is clearly an appetite for destruction and it is out of control, from branch members making comments online of a divisive nature to Nigel Farage making highly insensitive statements about Brendan Cox. Why has the discipline factor spiralled into the abyss?

The answer is simple; a lack of political acumen and most of all the desire to continue to make financial gain out of an argument that has created severe divisions in societies and families. UKIP only survive by spreading hatred, and that is where their demonic desire breeds into hatred and infiltration of the working classes of the U.K.

Where did it all go wrong one may ask? I say, ‘Was it ever right!’ We need to get to the facts of the matter. Within the first couple of days of being in Brussels I was told by an architect of the EFDD group formation, the staffer who is responsible for recruitment, that relationships with the far-right are acceptable – if it is perceived as a marriage of convenience. This architect’s main role was to act as a political adviser but he was hurriedly brought into repair the damage each time the group collapsed.

He admitted that parties like the Swedish Democrats were a nasty piece of work and suited the UKIP environment very well, in fact he made it clear that the MEPs had no diplomacy skills so wining and dining potential far right parties was the only way to get them to join. In most cases this was applied to the far right from Poland and other Eastern European nations. In the adviser’s famous words, ‘Well it’s simple let’s just call them useful idiots to get the funding, you cannae (sic) beat it!”

In general, that is the ambience of feeling towards other nationalities in the EFDD group; they are foreign are they not, so why not see them as inferior? One can only relate it to the plantation owner’s mentality where slaves are a commodity and not to be treated as humans. In UKIP’s case the partners in the EFDD group are a major factor in securing European Parliament funding and that is the relationship. When the seas get rough then all that one must do is appease to the far-right way of thinking and the ship sets its own course out of strife and all ends well.

As time went by I watched the disintegration of UKIP’s internal disciplinary antics. They were totally influenced by the far right spanning from Poland to Sweden, advisers and MEPS just had to fit in with them otherwise the fear of them leaving was always a major fear factor; big salaries depended on them staying. The famous ‘Breaking Point’ poster was a classic example of how easily UKIP and its hierarchy could be influenced by the far-right parties and they just had to convince their friends that they were on the same wavelength.

breaking-pointUKIP’s infamous ‘breaking point’ poster. 

Farage just could never get a hold of the discipline factor; he didn’t want to really create an environment of political discourse with professionalism. Day to day management of the party was beneath him, and he preferred to leave the staff and MEPs to deal with crises internally. On most occasions, internal spats and arguments were simply handled by Nigel’s enforcers and their allies within the staff ‘holding court’ in the Brussels pubs. The verdict and sentence was then presented to whoever had been singled out for execution. No appeals were accepted.

The one golden rule that everyone in UKIP, and especially in Brussels must follow is this: whatever happens, all arguments and complaints must be handled ‘in house’ and you must never talk to a union, the press or your employer, in my case – the EU Parliament. I have personally seen people banished from their jobs for breaking this commandment. In the words of one of my colleagues from the Italian Five Star Movement: “UKIP are a mafia.”

It became quite clear to me and the colleagues who I shared an office with that many of the MEPs want to stay in Brussels and lose the referendum by a close margin, since they will not find work elsewhere most likely never be elected again in the UK. I soon realised that the senior adviser who I mentioned previously was placing a message in a bottle and hoping it would be picked up by someone.

He was totally correct, the whole situation changed as we were nearing the referendum, Farage was providing the fuel for the hate machine to plough through and destroy the crops of the working class and totally crush the peaceful nature of the successful multi ethnic society we have.

Basically, it was a case of starving them out to vote for UKIP; starving them of intelligent debate to begin with. Feeding the working classes with distortion engineered and manufactured in Swedish, German and Polish far right production lines of vile hatred.
MEPs would come to visit me and confide in me that they wondered what they are doing in UKIP.

Other MEPs would subscribe to the personality cult of Nigel Farage, if they didn’t subscribe to his implementation of destruction, Farage would send in his media henchman to make life a living hell for the MEPs by either starving them of press opportunities or ordering briefings against them.

There was no way out, the steam engine was out of control and there was no emergency braking system in place to stop the whole party from derailing. MEP Woolfe became a target because he controlled his own media communications; much to the dislike of the Brussels based communications team. Woolfe was extremely paranoid about stories being leaked which were designed to cause damage to his marriage. Other senior figures expressed similar concerns. We all saw how things concluded and it is no surprise to me, as Woolfe constantly complained of being undermined.

MEPs like Jim Carver and Bill Etheridge would use bullying tactics towards staff and other MEPs; that is all they could do, they didn’t have much in the way of diplomacy or political acumen. I would witness this happening on a very frequent basis. One MEP who is no longer with UKIP admitted that bullying was a normal part of the culture and it would not be too long before something very bad will happen to someone.

The Brussels operation is a total mess, group administrators such as Aurelie Laloux and Pierre Vaugier who are both French nationals and have been with UKIP in Brussels for over a decade, made it clear in my presence that this is the “least far right group we have ever had” and this was a cause for celebration! At that point I soon realised that the staff and the hierarchy always had the intention of continuing with their crusade to create a Pan European Far Right group; Marine Le Pen would not want to compromise her position so it was ‘lights out’ for Nigel Farage.

If it was not for the adviser who made so many attempts to get the message in the bottle out into the open seas and eventually land on a beach and hope someone would respond, we would never have found out how bad the situation really was. The adviser has seen so much that he admits that he would find it hard to settle back into society after his experience spanning many years.

The UKIP way of working is a very intimidating environment and fear is the common bond that keeps the ship floating to ensure that funding fuels the engines; what comes out of the funnels has become very familiar to other passing ships in the political oceans.

Well, it is the end of the road now. UKIP MEPs are still in the European Parliament and will not leave. It reminds me of being back in nursery school and the parents come to collect the child but the child does not want to leave and continue to play with the favourite toy. Politics for UKIP it is all about the money – your money – and as long as that keeps rolling in everyone is happy to go along with their programme. Hate and division has become a a lucrative business.

UKIP and their far-right friends just really wanted to turn the European Parliament into an ever-growing Pan European Far Right institute. Could they have really managed that if the British people voted for Brexit? They didn’t want to leave in the first place, because that was their sole intention; hate generates money, populism is the easiest way to make the money!

UKIP has become the fifth column in our society, they have served their purpose and are well past their sell by date. They are facing problems of a financial nature and most of their members have jumped ship. The sails on the mast have been shredded to pieces and all that is left is a shell floating on the waves. It will only be a matter of time before the UKIP ship gets decommissioned to the graveyard for dismantling, even then there will be an issue because nobody really wants to be associated with UKIP functioning or non – functioning.