While doing some research we came across a very interesting video from 2014, uploaded by Breitbart around the time of the European Parliament elections in May of that year.

The video, which can be found here, shows footage of anti-UKIP protesters outside of their key London election rally. These protesters are the alleged “extremists” which Nigel Farage has been so vocal about in recent days.

The clip ends with Nigel Farage famously telling his adversaries to call UKIP what you like, but “never call us a racist party again”. Interestingly, in the video which is designed to show us why the protesters are wrong about his party, Farage is surrounded by several people who have since been forced out of the party, or quit in disgust. People that we are now told are not credible, not truthful and do not give an accurate account of their time in UKIP.

Remember, these are same people who Farage stood with, was photographed with and who he utilised to dramatic effect in his race to win the 2014 EU elections. He went as far as to call it UKIP’s “clause four moment”, standing shoulder to shoulder with them in an effort to convince the public of the diversity and credibility of his party. So what have they said since leaving?

All four.jpg

McKenzie, Bashir, Duroch and Woolfe. All no longer members of UKIP. 

Winston McKenzie – The former semi-professional boxer and leadership candidate quit UKIP last year, claiming he had been sidelined as a result of racism in the highest circles of the party. McKenzie was a key member of the 2014 EU election team, and at one point was given the job of Commonwealth spokesperson. Talking to ITV after he resigned, McKenzie said:

“I’m incensed at the present moment because where I stand in UKIP, I feel as though I’ve been completely ignored, racially discriminated against by people in the higher echelons of the party.”

Amjad Bashir MEP – We’re reliably informed that newcomer Bashir was “heavily undermined” by several of UKIP’s incumbent MEPs due to his vocal support for the Palestinians and a perception he was using his position to “forge links” with Pakistan. Allegedly this caused serious friction and led to “heated” meetings in Strasbourg. Bashir quit the party and defected to the Conservatives after just seven months.

However, just hours before being unveiled as a Tory MEP at Downing Street, UKIP got wind of the plot and attempted to suspend Bashir citing allegations of financial misconduct. The Yorkshire MEP told The Telegraph that Ukip are “pretty amateur” and condemned their “ridiculous” lack of policies.

Sarinder Joshua Duroch – Utilised as a key asset during the Scottish referendum campaign and later the EU Parliament elections, Duroch, a former English teacher and author rose quickly through the party ranks into the heart of their Brussels operation; where it all went horribly wrong. The Glaswegian became embroiled in the infamous Nazi-bully row after he alleged he was called untermensch by a staffer working for UKIP’s Swedish partners in the EFDD.

After being pressured by UKIP MEPs and senior staff to withdraw a complaint documenting several cases of extremism and racism within UKIP’s parliamentary group, Duroch found his contract terminated by the party, with no explanation and while on medical leave. Writing in the Independent upon his return to the UK, he said:

“I returned from Brussels with the realisation that there was no plan and Ukip were about to jump off a sinking ship. I saw them as akin to the first class passengers on the doomed Titanic.”

Steven Woolfe MEP – The Manchester born MEP’s career came to a dramatic end in violent circumstances when UKIP MEPs traded punches in Strasbourg. Shocking scenes saw Woolfe face down and unconscious after allegedly being punched by fellow MEP Mike Hookem. The most famous casualty of UKIP’s destructive infighting, Woolfe claimed his leadership bid was undermined and said in his resignation statement that:

“The party is riddled with infighting, proxy wars between rival camps and is run by an NEC [national executive committee] that is not fit for purpose.”

Shocking scenes in Strasbourg as UKIP’s internal tensions boiled over.

After recovering from the Strasbourg incident, Woolfe quit UKIP, preferring to sit as an Independent MEP. In an open and frank interview he told the BBC that UKIP was “in a death spiral”.

As with all former UKIP public figures these ex-members have been viciously attacked and denigrated in briefings emanating from the UKIP spin team, and in some cases, elected UKIP officials. Their credibility has been attacked and UKIP would like us to believe they are simply disgruntledpeople who are lashing out at their former party.

Yet within the last election cycle the same party machine tried to convince us of the complete credibility and suitability of not just the four people mentioned above, but the dozens of others on the receiving end of their attacks; including their sole MP, Douglas Carswell.

Almost every statement made by UKIP is reversed, every pledge they make is broken. UKIP have told us so many lies over the years that now, they don’t even know what to believe themselves. Even their top people, such as the candidates listed above who they urged us to vote for, can and will be thrown aside should the need arise.

Whether it is running on manifestos which they later disown, or promises of transparency which are quickly forgotten after elections, UKIP is a party that cannot and should not be trusted.

Remember this, when they try to convince the public who the extremists are.