UKIP were keen to make a meal out of allegations that “leftist” activists had abused their orthodox Jewish member, Shneur Odze, while he campaigned in Stoke. Although many people have expressed concerns about the authenticity of the story, Paul Nuttall and other top UKIP figures have endorsed this version of events and heavily got behind The Express article.

The lead voice in UKIP’s uproar came from their West-Midlands MEP James Carver, who tweeted that he was now aware of “who the real racists are”, claiming (without posting proof) that the Labour party was behind the demonstration.


UKIP MEP James Carver was quick to make political capital out of allegations of anti-Semitic behaviour in Stoke. 

But perhaps the Worcester based MEP should practice what he preaches. For several years Carver has employed Liam Porter as his chief of staff in Brussels, a man who has dubious social connects to the far-right. We are reliably informed that Carver relies on Porter “as a crutch” and that he performs tasks such as filling in his vote lists and writing his speeches.

You see, Porter is a known associate and close friend of the Swedish neo-Nazi, Carl Joel Ankar, an on-record and admitted anti-Semite who publicly called his university lecturer “Jewish swine”, and later called for armed solutions to immigration; proposing that Europeans “drive them back to the desert, with weapons if necessary”.


James Carver’s chief of staff, Liam Porter (L), photographed with Carl Joel Ankar (centre) in Alistair Harrison’s (R) facebook cover image. 

Ankar, who worked for UKIP’s partners, the Sweden Democrats, has also been formally investigated several times by the European Parliament for racist and xenophobic behaviour; including an alleged racist attack on one of UKIP’s own ethnic minority staffers in a Brussels bar.

Despite their friendship being public, and Ankar’s comments being admitted, Carver did nothing to rein in his protege. Infact his fellow UKIP MEPs and staff continued to socialise and work with Ankar and other far-right extremists in the EFDD – including the holocaust denier that saved their EU parliament group from collapse in 2014.


In 2016 UKIP’s European Parliament staff Daniel Paddock, Laura Henderson, David McClure, Jamie Illingworth and Francesca Howard were photographed posing with the neo-Nazi, Carl Joel Ankar. 

UKIP’s Brussels fraternisation with the far-right is well reported and documented. Perhaps if Carver and other ‘kippers’ really do want to tackle racism and anti-semitism they should clean their own house first, and deal with the anti-Semites and their supporters within their own offices.