Thanks to our internal sources we are able to bring you some of UKIP’s plans for the Stoke by-election.

It seems that they are staging a huge effort to “Get Out The Vote” during the final week of campaigning.

Read for yourself…

UKIP are desperate to get Paul Nuttall elected in Stoke. 

“I’ve now spent a total of 7 days in Stoke, and testify that an enormous amount of effort has gone into our campaign there; much of this was canvassing, obtaining pledges, identifying exactly who our likely voters are and where exactly they live. This was done so that, on Election Day, we are able to efficiently Get Out The Vote (“GOTV“). This is how to clinch an election.

“To GOTV, we need as many members and supporters reporting to our H.Q. at 1 Piccadilly, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 1DB early morning (6.00 am, an hour before polling stations open, would seem sensible) on Thursday February 23rd. They will then be allocated jobs, depending on needs and abilities. Duties will include knocking at doors to ensure our voters get out and vote, manning polling stations and admin. Contact H.Q. via 0333 800 6800 well in advance – on Election Day itself, it may be too hectic and the phone lines dedicated to bona fide emergencies.

“If you are not near London, wish to go to Stoke earlier, or prefer to make your own way on Election Day, for cheap train tickets click here, here, here or here. 

“On the 17th, a huge convoy will leave Bolton for Stoke (circa 50 miles, an hour’s drive) at about 9.00 am on Saturday 18th, to begin the final canvassing and leafleting weekend in our campaign and to park our tanks in Labour’s front yard. We expect members to share cars – but Challenger 2’s will do – for the journey.”

Freddy Vachha 
UKIP Chairman – London Region