You may have heard about this story yesterday in The Sun:

Also picked up by ITV News.

Indeed, WikiGuido is on it too:

But what is the truth here? Alex (WikiGuido) responded to our tweet here:

And then failed to respond to this tweet:


Also, predictably, Ukip activist Tariq Mahmood who received the text, told The Sun it was “outrageous.”

He’s used quite a bit by Ukip is Tariq. See Stoke Sentinel and Skwawkbox.

What is absolutely clear the first anon text could have been sent by anyone and in the Sun article it is made clear that it was anonymous.

Whoever sent it was expressing how he felt. It does not make him a ‘political activist’ or indeed a member of the Labour Party.

Whoever sent it has a reason to be fearful of Islamaphobia when the Sun publish stuff like this.

and Ukip do stuff like this.

and this

and so on…  (endless list)

When I first read the Sun article, it struck me that they are totally different text messages which have been reported in a way to manipulate the Sun reader into thinking they are the one and the same. Indeed, it works well to link the anonymous text to Navid Hussein, who is featured in the article with his opinions in a text (not the anonymous one), and he had posted on Facebook expressing his feeling too.

Pictures of Navid have since appeared all over the news and social media along with the Labour candidate Gareth Snell, and also Jeremy Corbyn, ahead of the Stoke by-election, with pictures of both texts and the Facebook post which are effective in getting the message of the Sun across to a wide audience ( which is what Murdoch wants)

Sure enough it’s also being spun by Breitbart that Navid Hussein is the ‘Labour activist’ who sent the anon text, and the Sun and all the rest are claiming he is guilty of ‘spiritual influence’, which is an offence, and Navid has also been reported to Staffordshire police and the Electoral Commission.

So they reported him to the police when he’s not the anonymous texter.

Check that headline!

spiritualAnd now there is a clear motive for a vendetta against Navid Hussain.

These comments come from here:



Certainly, it’s a welcome diversion away from the follies of Nutsack Nuttall, and all he and his mate Arron Banks have been up to this week.