Former Vote Leave coordinator and campaign manager for Lisa Duffy’s UKIP leadership bid, Jay Beecher, has released a tell all book about his time in the party.

The book, released for free on amazon kindle, gives us an alarming insight into the unprofessional behaviour and outright corruption within so the ranks of the far-right party. Many of Beecher’s revelations are already open secrets, but his testimony does add colour and credibility to the story.

UKIP EXPOSED.jpgJay Beecher was suspended from UKIP after a failed attempt to rein in racist elements in UKIP’s youth movement, the YI.

UKIP have an alarming rate of staff and activist turnover, and it seems that ‘kippers’ fall into two categories. The first are the well meaning and in some cases naive recruits who joined because they felt a genuine disconnect with establishment or had legitimate concerns about the European Union. This type of UKIP member is usually between 30-60, at least moderately educated and well presented.

The second type of member is at least somewhat racist and looking for a “credible” outlet within a party; someone who is using “legitimate” arguments against the European Union as a fast track to xenophobia and achieve their personal political objectives. They see UKIP as a way of venting their personal frustrations in a safe environment with other like minded individuals.

Within UKIP the latter category is made up more of the older generation, some of whom refuse to accept that the United Kingdom has become a successful multi-ethnic society and that our country’s role in the world has changed. It is also made clear in this book that UKIP’s youth wing is the real breeding ground of extremism in the party, and seen as a fertile recruiting ground for the far-right. YI is the point of initiation for many of UKIP’s most vocal and disturbing characters. Indeed, Paul Nuttall himself is a early graduate of the YI’s far-right training programme.

Jay Beecher falls into the previous category. Well meaning, conservative leaning, with a clean cut and professional appearance. He says he had initial reservations about the party, but a lack of credible information and opposition to the EU meant he put those reservations aside. Within a short space of time he was promoted through the ranks and elevated into a position of power within his branch, region and then national party. He also became a close confidant of UKIP’s East of England MEPs.

It’s a familiar story that we have heard before, and it ended in a predictable way.

In the two years that Jay Beecher was involved in UKIP he witnessed shocking comments, he heard xenophobic rhetoric and he was pressurised into following policy and public relations tactics which he did not feel would help the party or the country. Most disturbingly these were led by so called “moderate” MEP Patrick O’Flynn, who is exposed as an arch-manipulator behind the scenes in the book. 

Many of our audience would rightly consider Beecher to be a strong conservative (in fact he is now a Tory member) with leanings that are uncomfortably to the right. However, juxtapose this with UKIP – where he was seen as too moderate, too weak, and one of the quote “biggest cucks” in the party.

The book shows us that UKIP’s political compass is totally outside of the realms of reality, and those UKIP members who do see themselves as non-racist conservatives who “just wanted to get out of the EU” can no longer realistically continue to be part of what is now esentially the successor to the BNP.

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Disclaimer: Despite the similarity of the name of the book and our site, we are not affiliated with the author in any way.