Last year we brought you an explosive investigation into corruption and cover-up within UKIP’s South West operation. Despite testimony and evidence from disgusted and alarmed party members, the only action UKIP took was to remove officials involved in trying to deal with the racism, antisemitism and rampant corruption and promote the conspirators.

The allegations were so damning that a panicked Nigel Farage pulled out of a scheduled EFDD public meeting in Cornwall less than 24 hours after our story was published.

SLATed.jpgFarage pulled out of a scheduled meeting on Cornwall just hours after our exposé of corruption, racism and anti-semitism in the Duchy. Just a coincidence? 

Both former party chairman, Steve Crowther, and current UKIP chief, Paul Oakden, were well aware of the goings on in what we have aptly named the “rotten state of UKIP” and failed to act despite significant local donors pulling their funding and support for the party.

The ring leader of the cover up, one Stuart Guppy, is a long term UKIP stalwart and a staunch believer in the party. Guppy, a retired police desk clerk, has since been promoted to Cornwall Vice Chairman and made treasurer of the county operation. He has even been given the Vice-Chairmanship of a second local branch.

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UKIP have made a big deal out of the alleged anti-Semitic abuse thrown at their Jewish activist, Shneur Odze, in Stoke and been vocal about their outrage. However, they (Odze included) have not responded to our provable evidence of racism and anti-semitism in their own party.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and here it is. We believe that this is the leader of the anti-semitic cover up, Stuart Guppy, sat in the front row of the UKIP Spring Conference during Paul Nuttall’s speech.

Guppy 1.jpgUKIP St Ives Chairman, Stuart Guppy, in the front row for Paul Nuttall’s keynote speech in Bolton. 

Guppy 2.jpg
A close up of Mr Guppy.

Guppy 3.PNG
An image of Guppy from Tory party literature for reference. 

If this is indeed Guppy it proves that in Nuttall’s “New UKIP”, the best way to the top is to promote hate and cover up for the corrupt.

Same. Old. UKIP.