A close contact who is still involved in UKIP’s day to day operations called us last night to report in on the by-election. As requested we are keeping their identity secret.

nuttallNuttall has now become toxic.”

Here is what they had to say: 

– Most of the campaign team already think we’ve already lost Stoke.

– Paul Nuttall’s Hillsborough debacle has made it very, very difficult for canvassers on the doorstep.  They’re simply not qualified to answer the kind of questions we are getting from angry people. It’s leading to a lot of heated conversations and shut doors.

– Squabbles and arguments already breaking out inside UKIP. Many of the ‘Faragists’ are sitting out the campaign and simply waiting to see what happens.

– UKIP activists and staff “shocked” by the sudden shift to Labour in Stoke in the last seven days.

– Lisa Duffy has been badly rattled by Jay Beecher’s book. She has lost a lot of the authority she started with as a result.

– The Labour Party coming out in force over the weekend has “demoralised” UKIP campaigners.

– The key messages in the campaign are not getting through.

– Senior party management panicked and went silent after the Liverpool resignations and left junior staffers to “deal with it”. The issue has become so toxic nobody wants to be associated with it.

– Party was completely blindsided by the Liverpool resignations, most of us found out on twitter.

– “It really feels like the party is going to collapse.”

More when we have it.