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The UKIP leader has made a steady rise through the ranks in the years since he first joined the party many years ago. Early on he became one of the first ‘graduates’ of UKIP’s Young Independence youth movement and was part of the embryonic UKIP presence in Brussels – becoming a junior, then senior party adviser to its MEPs.

UKIP’s presence in the North West was limited at the time Nuttall joined and it was under his leadership in the area that it began to expand. He recruited a young charity worker from Manchester, Michael James McManus, who at the time considered himself a “socialist” and moulded him into a true right-winger in his own guise. Soon McManus was a YI Chairman himself and set his sights on recruiting his own protégés.

Michael McManus in a 2009 UKIP election video.

The party identifies traits that it considers palatable in its youth workers early on and by 2007 McManus was signed up and working in Brussels. The two-time MEP candidate has courted his fair share of controversy and has been involved in several “internal UKIP wars” over the years. One notable incident was the removal of candidate Gregg Beaman from the NW list for the 2009 election.

His most interesting role however, is within staff recruitment. It’s well known that Nigel Farage likes to leave the admin work to the ‘help’, and when it comes to general staff, we are told McManus and his long-term colleague, Aurelie Laloux, had “complete authority” over hiring and firing within the EFD and later, EFDD group.

mcmanus-and-nuttallNuttall and McManus at the 2009 UKIP conference. 

In this role McManus – who according to his LinkedIn profile has completed training courses in radicalisation and de-radicalisation of children – has forged links with American universities such as Dartmouth college, in order to bring interns across the Atlantic and “educate them” in UKIP’s far-right vision. UKIP hope that when these interns return home they will lobby on behalf of the party in their professional career, or join the American alt-right.

Closer to home McManus has promoted many youngsters from within the party’s YI movement and was directly responsible for the vetting and recruitment of EFDD intern, Rosie Ward, who has documented links to the BNP and Liberty GB’s Jack Buckby.

We are told that despite being handed a dossier of information raising the alarm about these links, and several of her former constituency colleagues being asked for their opinion, McManus ignored these warnings and pushed for her recruitment anyway.

But there is a darker secret to Michael McManus that he keeps hidden from his friends and even his employer. His public persona is one of an “aspiring polyglot who loves to travel”, however behind the scenes he is the secretive and anonymous “Morpheus Magnus” a Nordic obsessed far-right author who has appeared on UKIP Daily espousing cultural warfare against the left.

Morpheus Magnus is in fact UKIP’s Michael McManus, a close aide of Paul Nuttall. 

His fanatical writings show a complete detachment from reality and convey the sad ramblings of a paranoid mind that believes “cultural Marxists” have infiltrated every level of British society. McManus, we are told, writes his blogs directly from his office in the European Parliament in breach of not only contract and employment rules, but also UKIP’s internal communications policy which does not allow for aides and un-elected advisers to make political statements.

The Manchester native was even posting these blogs – under his Magnus Morpheus nom de plume – during the time he was an MEP candidate for the 2014 EU elections, unbeknown to the general-public or his party.

Ironically McManus has also been involved in investigating breaches of this internal policies when another adviser working under him was found to be making offensive tweets directed at Labour party MEP Richard Corbett. McManus apparently ordered another of his researchers to compile the evidence and then presented it to the EFDD group’s Secretary General. It is unknown if any action was taken.

One of Paul Nuttall’s closest and oldest UKIP confidants, his influence and input within the realms of the party leader’s policy team cannot be underestimated.

Here are a few selected quotes from his articles on UKIP Daily.

“The EU is well known for its obsession with [protecting] the ‘human rights’ of rapists, murderers and terrorists.” SOURCE

Police recruitment under the last Labour government:They [police recruits] joined not out of a desire to protect their communities, but out of a desire to be praetorian guards for the left’s ideological transformation of Britain.”

He goes on: “Crimes such as burglary and mugging were viewed as a nuisance, which the New Police rarely put much effort into solving. Yet they would spare no expense to arrest anyone deemed to have violated the left’s taboos on race, gender or sexual orientation. The police were now no longer going to protect us; they would instead punish those of us who did not believe the approved political and cultural positions of the Labour Party’s ruling ‘elite’.” SOURCE

There should not be an EU membership referendum because: “UKIP has never been more successful, and the polls, media coverage and elected official count have never been more satisfying. Yet we risk losing it all if on our signature issue we are drawn in to a referendum campaign we run a risk of losing.”

McMAnus.jpgA typical McManus piece on UKIP Daily.

In another frothing rant, Paul Nuttall’s close friend and colleague claims that the Blair/Brown Labour government tried to replace the British people with immigrants to further its political objectives. “So why did Labour open our borders? The answer can perhaps be found in the writings of East German writer Berthold Brecht. During anti-government demonstrations, the Communist Party were angry that the people did not like them. Brecht joked ‘Wouldn’t it be easier for the government to elect a new people?’. With mass immigration, that is precisely what they do. The Labour Party that came to power in 1997 had bitter memories of being in the wilderness for a generation, and if they had to cement their position long term by opening the borders to future new Labour voters so be it. Never again would they let the minor detail of their awful policies keep them from winning elections.” SOURCE

The most recent article is a gushing puff piece espousing support for Bill Etheridge as UKIP leader. His strength during the “alleged golliwog crisis”, “standing up to the left’s attack dogs HOPE not Hate”, and support for the death penalty are cited as his reasons for the endorsement. SOURCE

These are just a few quotes from the 34 articles posted by McManus on UKIP Daily, and give us a real insight into the mind of a person that Paul Nuttall has relied on for ten years when it comes to research and information in the European Parliament.

We are sure they will disappear from the internet like Paul Nuttall’s MEP site soon, but don’t worry – we have saved them all.

Michael McManus refused to confirm or deny he was Morpheus Magnus when asked for comment.