So, Paul Nuttall voted (we assume for himself) today as the polls opened in Stoke.

Nuttall 4.jpg

On 30th January Paul Nuttall submitted his nomination paper with 65 Oxford Street on his nomination form.

By 1st February he was challenged by Michael Crick and admitted he had never set foot in the property.

He subsequently moved ‘on security grounds’ to another property.


  • An application to vote must have been made before 7th February – did he lie again in order to register?
  • Has Paul Nuttall even registered in the local area to vote?
  • If so which address?
  • Did he really vote today or is this simply a staged photo op?
  • This week UKIP confirmed that he was a member of the Liverpool UKIP branch, since “his chairman” resigned. We assume he must have his address there and not Stoke. Will he confirm this?