Fake Patriots

A poem by Norman Longworth:

What sort of patriot would bankrupt his country
And see its economy sink till it’s gone
Prepared to witness its industries suffer
The gullible dupes of a dangerous con

What sort of patriot seeks a spurious sovereignty
When sovereignty has always been firmly entrenched
After 40 plus years of working together
The Brits are still British and the French are still French

What sort of patriot buys tabloid propaganda
From billionaire owners who don’t pay British tax
Who would stop at nothing to hang on to their fortunes
By feeding their readers with make-believe facts

What sort of patriot would close down his intellect
By ignoring the evidence of longer term pain
Now project fear has become project reality
It’s time to rethink and re-focus the brain

What sort of patriot can’t see that shared efforts
Have brought jobs and success to Britain through trade
How stupid it is to seek national isolation
From the source of its wealth and investment led aid

What sort of patriot looks backward to empire
And cannot adapt to the real world of today
The flag-waving hordes who see foreigners as aliens
And not as prized colleagues who are paying their way

What sort of patriotism denies its young people
The freedom to work. learn and make a fresh start
To expand their horizons in Europe’s wide spaces
And empowers them to open their minds and their hearts

These are not the true patriots of Britain
They’re more likely to see the country go down
What Britain needs is the wholesale rejection
Of actions that might have been coined by a clown.

Democracy doesn’t rest on one bad decision
Made with no thought or real expertise
The will of the people has changed now they’ve seen that
Their country will catch an incurable disease

And if that means a real U turn from Brexit
Then it would counter the lies they’ve been fed
Most experts agree that Brexit is toxic
So let’s have a rational discussion instead.

So its up to the politicians to notice
And work the thing out for themselves
Sadly so many have a different agenda
And most leave their brains on the shelves

Norman Longworth