Last year we brought you an explosive investigation into corruption and cover-up within UKIP’s South West operation. Despite testimony and evidence from disgusted and alarmed party members, the only action UKIP took was to remove officials involved in trying to deal with the racism, antisemitism and rampant corruption and promote the conspirators.

The allegations were so damning that a panicked Nigel Farage pulled out of a scheduled EFDD public meeting in Cornwall less than 24 hours after our story was published.

SLATed.jpgFarage pulled out of a scheduled meeting on Cornwall just hours after our exposé of corruption, racism and anti-semitism in the Duchy. Just a coincidence? 

Both former party chairman, Steve Crowther, and current UKIP chief, Paul Oakden, were well aware of the goings on in what we have aptly named the “rotten state of UKIP” and failed to act despite significant local donors pulling their funding and support for the party.

The ring leader of the cover up, one Stuart Guppy, is a long term UKIP stalwart and a staunch believer in the party. Guppy, a retired police desk clerk, has since been promoted to Cornwall Vice Chairman and made treasurer of the county operation. He has even been given the Vice-Chairmanship of a second local branch.

You can read previous posts on the subject here:



Bitter Accusations Flying in UKIP’s Cornish Branch (HNH)

UKIP have made a big deal out of the alleged anti-Semitic abuse thrown at their Jewish activist, Shneur Odze, in Stoke and been vocal about their outrage. However, they (Odze included) have not responded to our provable evidence of racism and anti-semitism in their own party.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and here it is. We believe that this is the leader of the anti-semitic cover up, Stuart Guppy, sat in the front row of the UKIP Spring Conference during Paul Nuttall’s speech.

Guppy 1.jpgUKIP St Ives Chairman, Stuart Guppy, in the front row for Paul Nuttall’s keynote speech in Bolton. 

Guppy 2.jpg
A close up of Mr Guppy.

Guppy 3.PNG
An image of Guppy from Tory party literature for reference. 

If this is indeed Guppy it proves that in Nuttall’s “New UKIP”, the best way to the top is to promote hate and cover up for the corrupt.

Same. Old. UKIP.


The Sun, and those ‘text messages’ in Stoke. #Breitbart #HarryCole #Ukip

You may have heard about this story yesterday in The Sun:

Also picked up by ITV News.

Indeed, WikiGuido is on it too:

But what is the truth here? Alex (WikiGuido) responded to our tweet here:

And then failed to respond to this tweet:


Also, predictably, Ukip activist Tariq Mahmood who received the text, told The Sun it was “outrageous.”

He’s used quite a bit by Ukip is Tariq. See Stoke Sentinel and Skwawkbox.

What is absolutely clear the first anon text could have been sent by anyone and in the Sun article it is made clear that it was anonymous.

Whoever sent it was expressing how he felt. It does not make him a ‘political activist’ or indeed a member of the Labour Party.

Whoever sent it has a reason to be fearful of Islamaphobia when the Sun publish stuff like this.

and Ukip do stuff like this.


and this


and so on…  (endless list)

When I first read the Sun article, it struck me that they are totally different text messages which have been reported in a way to manipulate the Sun reader into thinking they are the one and the same. Indeed, it works well to link the anonymous text to Navid Hussein, who is featured in the article with his opinions in a text (not the anonymous one), and he had posted on Facebook expressing his feeling too.

Pictures of Navid have since appeared all over the news and social media along with the Labour candidate Gareth Snell, and also Jeremy Corbyn, ahead of the Stoke by-election, with pictures of both texts and the Facebook post which are effective in getting the message of the Sun across to a wide audience ( which is what Murdoch wants)

Sure enough it’s also being spun by Breitbart that Navid Hussein is the ‘Labour activist’ who sent the anon text, and the Sun and all the rest are claiming he is guilty of ‘spiritual influence’, which is an offence, and Navid has also been reported to Staffordshire police and the Electoral Commission.


So they reported him to the police when he’s not the anonymous texter.

Check that headline!

spiritualAnd now there is a clear motive for a vendetta against Navid Hussain.

These comments come from here:



Certainly, it’s a welcome diversion away from the follies of Nutsack Nuttall, and all he and his mate Arron Banks have been up to this week.


Thanks to our internal sources we are able to bring you some of UKIP’s plans for the Stoke by-election.

It seems that they are staging a huge effort to “Get Out The Vote” during the final week of campaigning.

Read for yourself…

UKIP are desperate to get Paul Nuttall elected in Stoke. 

“I’ve now spent a total of 7 days in Stoke, and testify that an enormous amount of effort has gone into our campaign there; much of this was canvassing, obtaining pledges, identifying exactly who our likely voters are and where exactly they live. This was done so that, on Election Day, we are able to efficiently Get Out The Vote (“GOTV“). This is how to clinch an election.

“To GOTV, we need as many members and supporters reporting to our H.Q. at 1 Piccadilly, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 1DB early morning (6.00 am, an hour before polling stations open, would seem sensible) on Thursday February 23rd. They will then be allocated jobs, depending on needs and abilities. Duties will include knocking at doors to ensure our voters get out and vote, manning polling stations and admin. Contact H.Q. via 0333 800 6800 well in advance – on Election Day itself, it may be too hectic and the phone lines dedicated to bona fide emergencies.

“If you are not near London, wish to go to Stoke earlier, or prefer to make your own way on Election Day, for cheap train tickets click here, here, here or here. 

“On the 17th, a huge convoy will leave Bolton for Stoke (circa 50 miles, an hour’s drive) at about 9.00 am on Saturday 18th, to begin the final canvassing and leafleting weekend in our campaign and to park our tanks in Labour’s front yard. We expect members to share cars – but Challenger 2’s will do – for the journey.”

Freddy Vachha 
UKIP Chairman – London Region


Many people have asked me what was Paul Nuttall (or perhaps his press team) thinking when false claims about Hillsborough were published on his official website. Why, if he was really there, did he need to exaggerate the truth?

The answer is simple. Like with the rest of Nuttall’s half-baked backstory, he never expected anybody to ask questions. Phd, professional footballer, it goes on. If in doubt, blame the press officer or obscure adviser from ten years ago who edited the website.

Nobody will care anyway.

But things have changed because now there is scrutiny. Footage of Paul Nuttall squirming around in a chair on Liverpool’s City FM  when challenged about his Hillsborough claims showed us all the truth. Far from dealing with the situation like a professional, the UKIP leader shrivelled up like a slug that’s just had salt poured on it when he was confronted.

Nuttall 2.jpgThe UKIP leader fidgeted and squirmed through an uncomfortable interview about his website’s Hillsborough claims. 

Grabbing at the transcript from the presenter’s hand, Nuttall recoiled. With the evidence in black and white, the stunned UKIP leader was forced to clarify that he had not lost “close personal friends” (as claimed on his site) but rather “people who I knew”. He then banged the table with his open palm and said he had “people who would stand up in court” to prove he was really there.

You don’t have to be a body language expert to make a judgement.

Until the 2014 EU elections UKIP were a fringe party, a protest movement, an itch that annoyed the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory party. They were nothing. No real threat to the established order. UKIP relished this because it meant no real scrutiny.

Nuttall.jpg Paul Nuttall’s tall tales are falling apart under increased scrutiny. 

They’ve enjoyed limited success over the years since UKIP was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and the party has gone on a moderate run of local and EU election victories since then.

Despite these sporadic high points nobody has ever taken UKIP seriously as a party of power; most of all UKIP themselves. Aside from two by-elections won by Tory defectors, they have never come close to putting MPs on Westminster’s green benches.

UKIP would argue that they have done exceptionally well in EU elections, especially in 2014.  But lets face it, their lacklustre candidates and buffoonish MEPs were all elected on list systems in elections where apathy was widespread.

Populism and sensationalism manifested in the form of UKIP and their European far-right partners took advantage of public disregard for European level democracy, and now they’ve taken it away. Whether you wanted Brexit or preferred to remain, it should disturb you down to the core of your soul that this was allowed to happen in 21st century Britain.

It was only after the BNP imploded in spectacular fashion and UKIP seized the immigration vacuum left behind, that activists and what UKIP term “the left” (aka anybody who disagrees) really began to scrutinise them. Therefore many of the revelations about Paul Nuttall and his obvious and quite ridiculous biography would not be new to us – had we been watching him closely all along.

There are those who have been keeping a good eye on Farage, Nuttall and the rest of the UKIP gang. Greg Lance-Watkins for one should be highly commended, his blog UKIP vs EUkip has provided us with a great resource, with articles and commentary going back well over a decade.

[All of his Paul Nuttall articles can be found HERE. Have a look through and you will soon see that Nuttall is a main offender going back all the way to his time as a junior assistant for UKIP MEPs.]

Don’t think for a moment that this didn’t suit Nuttall and UKIP. The lack of proper scrutiny has allowed them to operate behind the scenes, spreading lies and half-truths in an effort to secure enough votes to maintain the financial benefit that comes with elected office.

UKIP, and especially the “old guard” of which Nuttall is a member, never believed they would be in this position; they never thought UKIP would be big enough to matter or that those of us who are against their party would take the time to dissect their words and statements. That is why they have been telling us lies (both personal and political) for over a decade with no real fear of blowback.

Now they have reached a level where every statement, every action and every past indiscretion is now on the table and being dissected by the wider public. UKIP can’t hide from their past any longer.


UKIP were keen to make a meal out of allegations that “leftist” activists had abused their orthodox Jewish member, Shneur Odze, while he campaigned in Stoke. Although many people have expressed concerns about the authenticity of the story, Paul Nuttall and other top UKIP figures have endorsed this version of events and heavily got behind The Express article.

The lead voice in UKIP’s uproar came from their West-Midlands MEP James Carver, who tweeted that he was now aware of “who the real racists are”, claiming (without posting proof) that the Labour party was behind the demonstration.


UKIP MEP James Carver was quick to make political capital out of allegations of anti-Semitic behaviour in Stoke. 

But perhaps the Worcester based MEP should practice what he preaches. For several years Carver has employed Liam Porter as his chief of staff in Brussels, a man who has dubious social connects to the far-right. We are reliably informed that Carver relies on Porter “as a crutch” and that he performs tasks such as filling in his vote lists and writing his speeches.

You see, Porter is a known associate and close friend of the Swedish neo-Nazi, Carl Joel Ankar, an on-record and admitted anti-Semite who publicly called his university lecturer “Jewish swine”, and later called for armed solutions to immigration; proposing that Europeans “drive them back to the desert, with weapons if necessary”.


James Carver’s chief of staff, Liam Porter (L), photographed with Carl Joel Ankar (centre) in Alistair Harrison’s (R) facebook cover image. 

Ankar, who worked for UKIP’s partners, the Sweden Democrats, has also been formally investigated several times by the European Parliament for racist and xenophobic behaviour; including an alleged racist attack on one of UKIP’s own ethnic minority staffers in a Brussels bar.

Despite their friendship being public, and Ankar’s comments being admitted, Carver did nothing to rein in his protege. Infact his fellow UKIP MEPs and staff continued to socialise and work with Ankar and other far-right extremists in the EFDD – including the holocaust denier that saved their EU parliament group from collapse in 2014.


In 2016 UKIP’s European Parliament staff Daniel Paddock, Laura Henderson, David McClure, Jamie Illingworth and Francesca Howard were photographed posing with the neo-Nazi, Carl Joel Ankar. 

UKIP’s Brussels fraternisation with the far-right is well reported and documented. Perhaps if Carver and other ‘kippers’ really do want to tackle racism and anti-semitism they should clean their own house first, and deal with the anti-Semites and their supporters within their own offices.




Italian MEPs from the Five Star Movement, UKIP’s partner in the European Parliament EFDD group, will be leaving the far-right alliance after 78.5% of party members voted to quit in an online referendum.


Only 5.6% of the 40,000 members who voted wanted to stay with the UKIP dominated group…

Updates will follow…

Don’t blame migrants for Brexit, blame politicians – Please share via @Reasons2Remain #Ukip #Boston

Thanks to Jon Danzig at Reasons2Remain for this.

Text and images borrowed from this post.


→ Don’t blame migrants for Brexit, blame politicians – Please share


Boston is the town that most strongly voted for Brexit in the Referendum. Clearly, the people there don’t much like ‘free movement of people’. But it wasn’t always like that.

Back in the 17th century, people of Boston, England moved to America and founded Boston, in the state now called Massachusetts.

That’s because, like most people who move, those people from Boston, England wanted a better life.

This was eloquently expressed by the playwright and novelist, Bonnie Greer, on a recent edition of BBC Question Time, which was broadcast from the town of Boston, England.

Ms Greer said:

‘We’re a migratory species, we human beings. And we move. We move to better ourselves, we move to go and find the things we need.

‘We’ve always moved. We will continue to move.

‘This town of Boston is the second Boston I’ve been in. The first one is in Massachusetts. People from your town founded that town. And they founded it because they wanted to have a better life. And they’ve moved.’

Her comment drew strong applause from the Bostonians in the audience, who were clearly moved.

And yet, it’s also clear that many residents of Boston are alarmed by the rapid rise of migrants moving there in recent years from the rest of the EU.

After London, Boston is home to the highest concentration of EU migrants – quite something, when you consider that London is one of the world’s largest cities, and Boston is, or was, a sleepy Lincolnshire farming town.

In the period between 2004 and 2014, the migrant population of Boston increased by 460 per cent.

Of the 64,000 people now living in the borough (some officials believe the real figure could be 10,000 more), about 12 per cent were born in EU countries.

That has put considerable pressure on public services – schools, hospitals, doctors, homes, etc. It’s understandable that many of the indigenous population of Boston feel disgruntled.

It’s is also perhaps a natural response to blame the extra people who are using those public services for the strain on those public services.

There is, though, another way of looking at this.

If a train is full, do you blame the passengers, or the train company for not providing enough trains or carriages?

If a hospital is full with no beds available, do you blame the patients in the hospital, or the public services for not providing enough beds and facilities?

Migrants don’t move to places where there aren’t good jobs. And that’s perfectly exemplified in the case of Boston.

The rapid rise in Boston’s migrant population is because there are plenty of jobs to fill, with employment rising. If that were not the case, migrants wouldn’t go there.

Consequently, Boston is booming.

Unemployment in the town is below the national average – 4.4% of economically active people, as against 4.8% nationally.

Boston used to be a sleepy farming town. Farmers used to bring in temporary workers for the short harvest periods.

But as a result of the influx of migrants, the local economy of Boston has diversified and blossomed.

The town now creates work all year-round, meaning that it can sustain a lot more jobs. That also means, of course, that Boston needs migrants to fill those jobs.

As Boston Labour councillor, Paul Gleeson, recently told the BBC:

“There’s more harvesting going on throughout the year. And – more importantly – those vegetables are processed in Boston – wrapped and bar-coded for supermarket.”

In addition, food grown elsewhere in Europe is now brought to Boston to be processed.

This is, and should be, a success story. Why do so many residents in Boston think otherwise?

Politicians have been quick to blame ‘too many migrants’ for perceived strains in the town of Boston. But, in reality, that’s castigating the wrong people.

It’s easy to scapegoat migrants for problems they didn’t cause. And doing so, actually lets our political masters off the hook. It hides the central problem, rather than addressing it.

Because politicians shouldn’t be blaming migrants for any lack of resources. They should be blaming themselves. For it is they who are at fault.

EU migrants in Britain – and in Boston – are mostly in gainful employment, working hard, spending most of their earnings here, paying taxes, and making significant net contributions to our national and local economies.

Without them Britain – and Boston – would be poorer.

The lack of investment in the local services and infrastructure of Boston – and in other areas of Britain – is not the fault of hard-working migrants. It’s the fault of successive governments which have made places such as Boston a forgotten town.

We need politicians to stop incriminating immigrants, and start devoting their energies into the real problems facing Britain.

EU migrants help Britain to be richer. We should be using that extra wealth they bring to our country to enhance and upgrade towns like Boston.

We need massive investment programmes, to rebuild infrastructure; encourage new enterprises; build many more affordable homes; invest more into our schools, hospitals and GP services; assist with re-education and lifelong learning for all workers; help the unemployed to train for new skills or even to start their own businesses; offer bigger incentives to companies (yes even foreign ones) to relocate to towns where people need more work.

Why isn’t this happening?

Don’t blame Poles or other EU migrants. Blame politicians.

• Words and graphic by Jon Danzig (founder of Reasons2Remain)

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