We have always predicted that as the UKIP ship starts to sink, their people will start to jump on the lifeboats and abandon the party. But it seems even UKIP’s European allies have felt the water seep into their first-class cabins, and for the second time in just eighteen months, the second largest party in UKIP’s alliance of European extremists and far-right wingnuts, the EFDD, is trying to quit. 

Last year the Italian Five Star Movement (M5S) held a snap referendum of members, who quickly voted to dump UKIP and cross the parliamentary chamber to a more mainstream pro-EU group. The move backfired spectacularly, as the group M5S tried to join blocked their move. An enraged Farage and his cronies allowed the Italians to stay in the EFDD but took the chance to seize full control of the group – and its multi-million euro budget as punishment. 

EFDD.jpgDespite his “semi-retirement” Farage still holds the top position in the EFDD group

According to sources within the UKIP Brussels operation, M5S MEPs and their staff have been made “second-class citizens and been kept isolated from management and bureau decisions”, since the failed move. *The Bureau functions as the top level of group political management and is helmed by Farage’s close ally, Ray Finch MEP.

However, M5S have also made large gains in domestic Italian elections, and according to the article we have been shown from Il Foglio, the party is now in a position to cut ties with EFDD, and will do so before the end of the current EU Parliament cycle (April 2019).

(Translated via google)

M5s En Marche! Thus Di Maio prepares the Macronian breakthrough in Brussels

After the electoral victory, after the international meetings, never really of the highest level, and following the worried contacts with the embassies not only of the countries of the Union – talks that often showed mistrust towards the Five Star Movement – Luigi Di Maio given an indication to the M5s group in the European Parliament that sounds like this: “We are going to go to the government, it is time to leave the group of eurosceptics”. And so in Brussels began the relays, the messengers, galloping helpers sent from one encampment to another carrying enigmatic dispatches. We proceed with great caution, because in Rome Di Maio talks about government with Matteo Salvini, who has made small steps back but remains the head of an allied force in Europe with the right Europhobic Marine Le Pen. Yet already the League has noticed these moves, still discreet, timid, uncertain. In fact, he speaks of it, even between the Chamber and the Senate. The most knowledgeable, the most active in the League’s leading group, such as Lorenzo Fontana and Giancarlo Giorgetti, perhaps fear the explosion of an overly open contradiction between Salvini and the new almost Christian Democracy that Di Maio seems to want to give to the party that belonged to Beppe Grillo and of the vaffa. But even more, this contradiction, the fear Di Maio, that the government wants to do in earnest, perhaps even more than Salvini. “Before the end of the European legislature we will leave Nigel Farage”, says an exponent of the M5s. And his is a quiet confession: “We would like to approach the European party that Macron will stop against the old socialist and Christian Democratic parties. But Di Maio told us to proceed with caution, to wait before there is a government in Italy. We must not mess up. If the pact in Rome we had done with the Democratic Party, there would be no problems. But with the League everything changes “.

Yet the maneuver has begun. And the moves occur in that state of miraculous discretion and also of uncertainty with which the opponents are always contacted, or the allies, to sign an agreement, a pact, to dissolve negotiations. All art that the five stars seem to learn quickly. As in Rome, with the League, so in Brussels and Paris, with the representatives of En Marche !, the party of French President Emmanuel Macron who in September, in a speech at the Sorbonne, had drawn in the air the profile of a new great European party that overcomes the twentieth century ideologies.

“It is necessary that the citizens re-establish the sense of Europe,” Macron said, in a kind of appeal not only to the political staff but also to the twentieth-century cultures represented in the Parliament of Strasbourg: “What keeps you inside old parties often no longer exist … the European discourse must be refounded from the basics, from below and seriously “. A speech that foreshadowed the birth of a ” European En Marche “, a force out of ideologies, capable of storing and absorbing pieces of the Ppe, the Pse, the Alde, and in short the socialists, the Christian Democrats and the liberals. “I will not leave these parties the monopoly of the debate on Europe and the European elections,” concluded the French president.

Macron’s speech was heard, understood, ignited a thousand colored lights in the Five Star Movement, which had already tried to join the group of European liberals, without success, because the Alde had rebelled at the entrance of a group considered eurosceptic . But now a fundamental thing has changed: the Movement has won 32 percent in the elections. This changes a bit the point of view that you have of the Movement abroad.And so, even with a certain naïveté, the boys who perhaps govern Italy, have begun to handle reasoning of this kind, and to communicate them in Brussels: “The one of Macron is a new movement, adversary of traditional politics. Europeanist, but fighting. That is, it is intended to change the balance. In Marche it is what we must also be “. The ambitions grow, they grow bigger. And of course we still do not know what advantage Macron would have to take the Five Stars. “It would have the first Italian party”, they answer. So they try. They think about it. With a certain courage and with the cynicism of the contradiction, within the new logic, they move of the transformation with forced stages that Di Maio is imposing again without evident resistance from the orthodox and minority wing of the Movement that today has in Roberto Fico, president of the Chamber, his standard-bearer. In February, Bill Emmott, the former director of the Economist, a weekly magazine of the cosmopolitan elite, he who was first anti-Berlusconi and then took to the stage of Matteo Renzi’s Leopard, wrote these words in the Financial Times: “If Renzi remembers Sarkozy, the five-star party is more reminiscent of the Republic of En Marche by Emmanuel Macron “. Prophetic. (Or ambassador of something?

Origional article link: https://www.ilfoglio.it/politica/2018/03/28/news/m5s-di-maio-svolta-macroniana-bruxelles-186597/



We’ve written previously about the near and total collapse of UKIP in one of their former heartlands, Cornwall, (links HERE, and HERE) a county where the far-right party enjoyed huge success. Cornwall and the rest of the South West region was a UKIP bastion where the party tapped into a high percentage of Brexit supporting voters, despite Cornwall’s historically strong Liberal tradition.

While Bolton plays house with his new girlfriend, his limp UKIP has surrendered without a fight in the South West of England.

But UKIP and their message took hold, and their electoral success can’t be underestimated. In recent years they took six seats in the 2013 Cornwall Council elections and quickly became the biggest party in Cornwall in the EU elections the following year; returning two MEPs, and securing over fifty thousand votes.

In 2015 UKIP contested all six Westminster seats in the county, Camborne and Redruth, we are told was their number three target seat for the entire country. Although they failed to dislodge any of the incumbents, UKIP placed a respectable third place in most of the seats with a large percentage of the vote.

But that’s where it all ground to a halt.

In the following months, UKIP lost by-election after by-election as their councillors quit one by one; with Cornwall seeing huge swings to Labour and the Lib Dems at the local level. The party all but fell apart as in-fighting due to Steve Crowther’s failure to discipline a cabal of anti-semitic branch officers in St Ives, and the promotion of a BNP affiliated youth member to the EU Parliament, caused local donors and staff to walk away in disgust. The icing on the cake came when Nigel Farage pulled out of a scheduled referendum campaign meeting in Redruth, just hours after SLATUKIP published details of an internal cover-up (linked in the first paragraph).

Fast forward to 2017 and UKIP were roundly beaten in the Cornish local elections, as they struggled to field candidates and lost the one seat they had kept from 2013. The snap general election just weeks later proved too much, and the party publically gave up hope and fielded a paper candidate in Cornwall’s single remain seat. UKIP didn’t support their campaign and scored a meagre few hundred votes.

Just weeks ago UKIP’s new leader, Henry Bolton, declared that UKIP would “field candidates wherever possible”, and reiterated the statement at a South West meeting in Devon. Bill Etheridge, UKIP MEP, also visited Cornish activists and declared that the party would “thrive and survive”.

Bill 1
It won’t survive or thrive if you fail to put up candidates, Bill…

The chance to back that statement up came quickly, due to the sad and unexpected death of a former Labour MP, and sitting Cornwall Councillor, Candy Atherton. A by-election in her seat has been called, which all four major parties are contesting, but UKIP are silent, no candidate, no comment and no hope. We’re told that the party now has so few active members in Cornwall that it has suspended campaigning indefinitely and it’s hard to see how their terminal party can be revived in this former heartland.

We’ll break out the tiny violins, shall we?




An interesting theory has been passed to us by someone well placed. Recently, we posted that UKIP MEP, Ray Finch, had totally deleted his online presence and nobody seems to know why.

Here is what our source had to say:

“Kirsten was working for Finch, who used to be his [Farage’s] driver, so he knows exactly where his boss used to go and where he was. After the second Annabelle Fuller article came out in the Mail on Sunday, I believe Kirsten realised they had conspired to conceal Nigel’s shenanigans and saw this as a total betrayal from a family friend and a professional colleague. Her fury being expressed as a mother, daughter, and betrayed wife.

“A few weeks ago Ray told Michael Crick that he had half his salary suspended by the EU Parliament. As many people know, the estranged Mrs Farage, was on Finch’s staff a ‘parliamentary assistant’ despite never being invited to come to work in the building.

“It is entirely possible that the recent Anabelle Fuller revelations may have compelled Mrs Farage to cooperate with EU authorities. If that’s the case, who knows what information she may hold – given that she was copied on every UKIP internal email for the last ten years!”

Finch 3.jpg

Of course, this is just speculation. But who knows what might happen next in the wacky world of UKIP….

FARAGE 1.jpgAnnabelle Fuller went public on two consecutive weekends about her relationship with Nigel Farage






For the past couple of years, SLATUKIP has been informing you that UKIP’s membership was haemorrhaging and their financial funds were running dry to the point of bankruptcy. We have been attacked, bullied and threatened by kippers of all levels from the branch activist upwards. Even their press officers have tweeted that our articles and posts were simply “left wing lies”, and that nothing we said was true. 

In fact, our volunteer writers and staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds and political viewpoints. We all agree on one thing though – UKIP and their message must be held to account.

Well today, in his own words, UKIP leader Henry Bolton has vindicated us. His unedited and unredacted members email in the purple italic text can be read below.

As we have reported time and time again, UKIP simply has no money. After their EU funded lifeline was cut off as a result of alleged misappropriation of EU Parliament funds and fraud, we had our sources confirm it; we even reported job losses and redundancies at their Newton Abbott HQ.

We also reported that UKIP’s membership had dropped below 30,000 well over a year ago. As far back as 2015, we told our readers that UKIP was losing 600 members per month – it seems we were actually wrong…. it was between 800 and 1000 – sorry, Henry.

Hermann 2.jpg
That time we were called liars by UKIP’s EU Press & Communications Director…


On taking office I looked in the money bucket and found it entirely empty. In fact, it was worse than empty; it had a big hole in the bottom. There is no money – in fact, for a year we have been running on an entirely unsustainable monthly deficit.

The party has very few resources and I have inherited no office and no office equipment or staff. As you well know, despite the party sending out information over the summer, the technical flaws in our internal communication systems have meant that many of you haven’t heard anything from the centre for a long time. Likewise, our planning and public profile has been almost non-existent.

UKIP hasn’t had stable Leadership for over a year. I’m now restoring that stability and with it will come confidence.


Our financial health is crucial to our future success and the books must be balanced. This is not a ‘nice to have’ – it is a ‘need to have’. However, balancing the books is no easy task. That said, we have now identified a range of potential savings to our annual running costs. We are also tightening up on the collection of our membership subscriptions. Together these measures should increase the financial health of the party by up to £200,000 per year.

It will take at least three months for these savings to be implemented and take effect and, in the meantime, we must somehow bridge the gap in order to survive. To that end, I would like to ask whether you could donate something to the party. Every little bit helps. Donations can be made by credit/debit card and PayPal via the front page of the new-look party website.


Recruitment and finances are inseparable. Our day to day running costs are met by membership subscriptions – the more members we have, the more money the party receives through subscription fees and the larger the pool from which we can draw activists and candidates. We will be sending out new instructions at the end of the month regarding recruitment.

As for numbers, for the past 9 months, with one exception, we have lost between 800 and 1,000 members every month. I’m pleased to report that now the net figures have levelled out and presently stand at just under 25,000 (at this time in 2014 we had 22,000 members). So, whilst we may have been losing members, we have also been gaining new members since our conference and many people have re-joined.


As said, I inherited no structures to which I could delegate tasks. I have now established six ‘Leader’s Management Groups’ to help make things happen:

– The Leaders Group (‘L’ Group)

– The Shadow Cabinet (‘O’ Group)

– The Communications Group (‘C’ Group)

– The Events Group (‘E’ Group)

– The Fundraising Group (‘F’ Group)

– The Membership Recruitment Group (‘R’ Group)

1. The Leader’s Group – Tasked to advise the Leader on all matters pertaining to direction and policies of the party and consisting of the senior Shadow Cabinet members and party officers.

2. The Shadow Cabinet – The party’s highest political policy body, tasked with formulating, discussing and determining party political policies and with proposing policies, as necessary, to the membership at conference.

On Friday 17th November I held my first full Shadow Cabinet meeting. I am told it was the first of its kind ever held by a UKIP leader! And, in another UKIP first, it started and ended precisely on time. The Cabinet discussed a range of matters, including the party’s finances and organisation and policy development processes. It focused on the role of Spokesmen, the need for collective responsibility, the need to engage more closely in national politics and the requirement to review and update of the 2015 Election manifesto. The Cabinet will meet every six weeks.

3. The Communications Group – Based on my direction, the Comms Group will define the party’s master messages, enhance the party’s internal and external communications and reinforce its public brand. In addition, the Comms Group is tasked to oversee the implementation of the party’s new Digital Transformation Strategy, which we completed at the beginning of the month. This strategy should, over the next 12-18 months, see an overhaul of our national and branch websites with automatic news updates, the introduction of a new and reliable email system and the creation of an intranet and smartphone app.

4. The Events Group – This Group is tasked with planning and organising all administrative and logistical aspects of national party events (conferences, launches, cabinet meetings etc)

5. The Fundraising Group – The Fundraising Group is tasked with finding imaginative ways in which to increase the party’s income.

6. The Membership Recruitment Group – The Recruitment Group is tasked to increase the membership of the party. Presently the party has 25,000 members. The Group targets are:

– End 2018 – 32,000 members

– End 2019 – 40,000 members

With these groups in place I shall be able to focus much more on re-building the public face and image of our party


I have established three Campaign Planning & Support Teams.

– The Elections Planning & Support Team

– The Save our Services Planning & Support Team

– The BREXIT Campaign Team

1. The Elections Planning and Support Team:

We must urgently prepare for the local elections. I am determined that we will never again be unprepared for an election at any level. We will always strive to contest every seat in every local and national election.

To this end, I have established an ‘Elections Planning and Support Team’, headed up by Andrew Charalambous and comprised of ten highly competent campaigners. This team has been tasked by me to provide the national level planning and support to general and local government elections. It is also tasked with improving campaign communication, planning, the provision of training and analysis. You will hear more from Andrew and his team soon.

2. The ‘Save our Services’ Campaign Planning & Support Team

On Thursday 16th November, Mike Hookem MEP and I launched our national campaign to oppose and reverse cuts to our armed and emergency services, to oppose any subordination of the armed forces to the EU and to support our veterans. I also discussed the subject on Daily Politics the same day.

The campaign already has a dedicated website:

Over the next couple of weeks the ‘Save our Services’ will be sending leaflet templates and a link to my speech to all branches so that you can build opposition to the Tory government’s willingness to subordinate our military to the EU into your local campaigning.

The government has been praising our servicemen and women and our emergency services but in reality it’s been stabbing them in the back, cutting their budgets, ignoring their welfare and compromising our security. Those in uniform and in the service of this country deserve better and UKIP is now the only party committed to providing the support they need; the only party committed to protecting our protectors, through BREXIT and beyond.

So please do push this campaign as strongly as you can and integrate it into any other campaigns you may be running in your own area.

3. The BREXIT Campaign Team

The Tories are leading us into longer-term integration with the EU rather than implementing the democratic mandate of the country. They are lost; they are failing to plan and prepare for BREXIT and are making a hash of the whole thing. They are giving away money and are integrating the UK further into the EU when they should be implementing the mandate of the people to do precisely the opposite.

They are betraying the British people. Only UKIP is 100% committed to a real BREXIT. We must refresh, reinvigorate and ramp up our BREXIT messages. If the government cannot plan for BREXIT and beyond, UKIP will.

I have asked our outstanding Spokesman for Exiting the EU, Gerard Batten MEP, to head up a new BREXIT Campaign Team. Gerard and the team will immediately start work with members of the Shadow Cabinet and begin the process of refreshing our BREXIT messages.

My intention is that the party will hold a major BREXIT event in the spring. Further details will emerge from Gerard and the BREXIT Team in due course.

The Leader’s Management Groups and our new Campaign Planning and Support Teams are crucial elements in strengthening much of what we do internally and in ensuring that you, at the sharp end, get more of the support you need


We reported a 25% membership loss and financial ruin back in November 2015

SLAT 2.jpg
Our sources told us this in January 2016

SLAT 3.jpg
When we posted this in January 2016 we were told it was all made up!



UKIP have had their fair share of fundamentalists, but one key member of the party quit on the day of their latest leadership election because the party is TOO MODERATE. Anish Patel, a former candidate and NEC member has publicly disowned UKIP, Nigel Farage and cancelled his membership in a public twitter tantrum after his preferred candidate, right-wing extremist Anne-Marie Waters failed to take control of the sinking UKIP ship.

But who is Anish, and what did he really stand for? Well, who better to ask than a former member of UKIP’s inner-circle that worked and campaigned alongside him for three years…

My first encounter with Anish Patel was in 2014, he clearly came across as a very insecure individual from appearance to charisma. It became apparent that this de rigueur was the exact requirement that his masters required from him.


Anish Patel, an NEC member who has quit the party after Anne-Marie Waters lost the leadership election.

I soon realised that he was in total awe of Farage and his close circle, however, I soon realised that his only connection with the outside world was with UKIP and that is all that he could relate to. Other Ukippers would mock him and call him the “King of leafleting” because he was well known for travelling up and down the nation to put leaflets through doors, at his own expense and often using his holiday from work.

I met him with Steven Woolfe once, and he seemed to have the great ability to emulate the words of the more far-right factions of UKIP, rather than the perceived reasonable debate of controlling immigration. It was not soon after my encounter that he revealed to me that he is very close to Ann-Marie Waters and he was in great awe of her anti-Islamic views. In fact, he felt that his Hindu faith required him to engage with his Karma and follow this woman because, according to him, she was a heroin and Goddess that must be revered in her entirety. His views became very concerning to me, he soon realised that he did not have enough financial resources to stand up as Parliamentary Prospective Candidate; he believed UKIP would fund him.

Anish is from Barking and Dagenham, a hotbed of far-right activity and a seat which the BNP fought for on several occasions. I asked him the question if he would be able to win the seat? He had the belief that all the Hindus would use their conservative values and vote for him because there was a clear fear of the memories of 1947 and the Indian partition that resulted in civil war. He seemed to show very little remorse for the deaths of so many Hindus and Muslims in the death trains of 1947, and I soon realised that he was very scared of his own ethnicity. However, he would use his status as a person of Gujarati origin to boost his profile as the Hindu that has been reincarnated to fight what he called “the Islamic invasion of Europe” – a theme which I found many of UKIP’s highest echelons agreed with.

Anish 2.jpg

Anish’s toys are flying out of the pram as he rails against Nigel Farage on twitter. 

On questioning him about successful and well-known Indian Muslims he would dismiss them and make it clear that “India needs to be rid of them”, instead of raising their profile as equal citizens. I was amazed at his attitude towards Prime Minister Modi for showing his total respect for the former Indian President Abdul Kalam, he felt that P.M Modi was letting the Gujarati people down for showing respect to the famous president and Indian nuclear scientist. I soon realised that Anish Patel engaged in so much hate towards Muslims and Sikhs that in himself he was completely mythopoeic.

His sociolect was very disturbing, I met him during a campaign once and I questioned him about the Sikh vote and how he would be able to help considering he was of Indian origin. To my surprise, he made it clear that he felt as if Sikhs were part of the problem, I questioned him about the Sikh killings of 1984 in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination and he laughed it off by quoting Rajiv Gandhi, “When a big tree falls, the Earth shakes” this was his way of justifying the killing of thousands of Sikhs during the 1984 riots. I soon realised that Anish Patel was a very twisted individual with little political acumen. He was besotted by the personality cult of Nigel Farage and openly admitted that his own brother had left him over the relationship that he has with Nigel but Nigel was far more important to him than his brother according to him.

I was an official at the time and I questioned him about his views, he made it clear that he will be someone important in the party one day. According to Anish Patel, Steven Woolfe was the key to him becoming a success. I knew that he was clearly deluded because his ability to speak in public was clearly in question and his linguistic projection was certainly not up to scratch in the political domain. One senior Ukipper (and now an MEP) told me that they needed people like Anish Patel to ensure that leaflets get delivered, and what was the point in going out in the British streets to argue with the Left when there are loyal foot soldiers willing to go out in all weathers, in all parts of the country on their behalf! From my interaction with this lost soul I reached the conclusion that his ideas were very worrying, but despite his extreme views, which were well known, the fact he was considered a very useful person to UKIP because he was someone that walk one – hundred miles a day to deliver leaflets and believe that it would take him to Nirvana with Nigel Farage – meant that they were ignored.

This is a classic example of how the far-right hate machine recruits, nurtures and promotes certain young and easily led people into UKIP. He could never get very far, and now they have found a slot for him in the NEC, I do wonder how long the NEC will last with Anish Patel in there and his anti-Sikh and Muslim views. He is a well-known admirer of the Swedish Democrats and the AfD parties. He openly admitted to me that he wants to see a Pan European Far Right party in the European Parliament. I asked him if he felt he would ever be victimised for being of Indian origin and his response was, ‘Nigel Farage and Ann Marie Waters and I see this Christian land as being Christian always, and that is all that matters.’ When I asked him about Jesus Christ being a refugee, he stated that never ever happened.

The views expressed here are those of the author. 

Fake Patriots: A poem by Norman Longworth #Brexit

Fake Patriots

A poem by Norman Longworth:

What sort of patriot would bankrupt his country
And see its economy sink till it’s gone
Prepared to witness its industries suffer
The gullible dupes of a dangerous con

What sort of patriot seeks a spurious sovereignty
When sovereignty has always been firmly entrenched
After 40 plus years of working together
The Brits are still British and the French are still French

What sort of patriot buys tabloid propaganda
From billionaire owners who don’t pay British tax
Who would stop at nothing to hang on to their fortunes
By feeding their readers with make-believe facts

What sort of patriot would close down his intellect
By ignoring the evidence of longer term pain
Now project fear has become project reality
It’s time to rethink and re-focus the brain

What sort of patriot can’t see that shared efforts
Have brought jobs and success to Britain through trade
How stupid it is to seek national isolation
From the source of its wealth and investment led aid

What sort of patriot looks backward to empire
And cannot adapt to the real world of today
The flag-waving hordes who see foreigners as aliens
And not as prized colleagues who are paying their way

What sort of patriotism denies its young people
The freedom to work. learn and make a fresh start
To expand their horizons in Europe’s wide spaces
And empowers them to open their minds and their hearts

These are not the true patriots of Britain
They’re more likely to see the country go down
What Britain needs is the wholesale rejection
Of actions that might have been coined by a clown.

Democracy doesn’t rest on one bad decision
Made with no thought or real expertise
The will of the people has changed now they’ve seen that
Their country will catch an incurable disease

And if that means a real U turn from Brexit
Then it would counter the lies they’ve been fed
Most experts agree that Brexit is toxic
So let’s have a rational discussion instead.

So its up to the politicians to notice
And work the thing out for themselves
Sadly so many have a different agenda
And most leave their brains on the shelves

Norman Longworth

Has Data Mining Swung The Brexit Vote?


, , , , , , , ,


There’s been a lot in the news recently about a company called Cambridge Analytica and its activities around the time of the EU referendum and the US presidential election. It’s been suggested that data was mined in a particular way for “psychotropic campaigning” and that central people involved in Cambridge Analytica and the Trump administration/Leave_EU campaign may have used ‘Big Data’ and Artificial Intelligence to “change the political landscape”.

Indeed, the media are paying attention, and in recent days the Electoral Commission has been asked to take a look, with Stephen Kinnock MP suggesting “Leave.EU may have broken the law by not declaring the role of a group used by Donald Trump”. He goes on to say “the market rate for a donation of this kind could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds, based on the previous experience of referendum campaigns and political parties for analytical tools,” as he told Claire Bassett, Electoral Commission chief executive, in a letter seen by the Guardian. He stated “Leave.EU has not declared this donation-in-kind at any point in their returns to the Electoral Commission.”

Certainly, it needs rigid investigation, but what is most striking is the people involved, and the money that was allegedly paid for these technical services.

Kinnock stated:

“Any substantial additional spending between 15 April last year and the referendum on 23 June would have pushed Leave.EU over the spending limit for the regulated period. They were allowed by law to spend up to £700,000 but according to the accounts they filed they spent £693,000.”

However, there seems to be some discussion about how much of an impact it could have played with MIT Technology Review stating:

“It is certainly an attractive proposition to blame big data and psychological profiling for shifts in the political and media landscapes that one finds troubling, rather than believe that there is a large and worrying socio-economic divide in the West. But it’s also unwise to do so without data to support the case.”

We spoke to a data analyst for his opinion. We asked him what his opinions are on potential influence of Cambridge Analytica as there seems to be a divided opinion from tech organisations on how much they could actually sway votes.

He told us “much of its effectiveness is due to marginal gains. If you can sway 10% of a target group that can swing the deal. We’re not speaking of mass psychological indoctrination, just enough mind control to achieve a marginal gain.” So, brainwashing of swing voters then?

In view of this, several people have began to question the legitimacy of the EU Referendum. The Canary states that “the result may be thrown into question“.

More recently, SCL Group, a behavioural analysis, data and messaging firm based in London has denied media reports that it worked on military “disinformation” campaigns. and had not done “any paid or unpaid work for the Leave.EU campaign”, “but had appeared at the campaign’s launch event having not finalised a potential contract.”

While The Guardian refers to it as “a donation of services that was not declared to the electoral commission” and goes on to state that the “director of Leave.EU, Andy Wigmore, told the Observer that the longstanding friendship between Nigel Farage and the Mercer family led Mercer to offer his help – free – to the Brexit campaign because of their shared goals.”

Whether it was free or not, people were targeted in a way that was “creepy” and it remains to be seen what the data watchdog will have to say about it. In true UKIP style, the company has now ‘distanced itself’ from the Leave.EU campaign.



The facts about EU roaming fees and #Brexit #Vodafone

Yesterday, a number of media sources reported that ‘Britons are unlikely to face steep charges for using their mobiles on the continent after Brexit‘. Also The Times.

Sure enough, the usual suspects were quick to jump in on the act with follow up reports and tweets about this.



And WikiGuido blogged about it here.

Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao said recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona such increases would be “not very logical”.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Colao said:

We treat Switzerland, which is not part of the EU, as part of it so why would we not treat the UK that way?

But Switzerland pay fees and they aren’t actually an official member of the EEA. They are a member of EFTA. They pay and get access and the benefits of membership but they don’t have to accept political oversight and EU fundamentals. See here.

Thanks to EU roaming rules, the cost of making and receiving calls abroad within the EU is now substantially cheaper than in 2007, when the EU first started to tackle excessive roaming charges.

However, it it will be up to the British government to implement similar legislation but that will hard because it depends on European providers allowing use of their networks, but to use Switzerland as an example is a misconception unless we agree to pay fees like they do.




• The UK had sovereignty all along.

• Sovereignty of Parliament does not mean sovereignty of the government.

• Sovereignty of Parliament does not mean sovereignty of the PM.

• You can’t passionately advocate the sovereignty of parliament and then complain when parliament has a debate.

• We already had control of our borders.

• After residing in the UK for 3 months, any citizen from any another EU country can be required to prove they have a job or have the financial means to support themselves. They can also be required to have private health insurance. If they don’t comply they can be told to leave. This is an EU law and most other EU countries use it. You haven’t heard about this EU law because our government can’t be arsed with the logistics.

• Turkey was never going to join and 70 million Turks were never heading our way.

• The NHS were never going to get £350M extra each week.

• The bus was not a misunderstanding of the fine nuances of the English language. It was a lie.

• We will have the same immigration of skilled workers because we need them.

• We will have the same immigration of unskilled workers because we need them.

• Turning our back on the world’s largest free-trade block will not make us better-off.

• We already can trade with the rest of the world. They just have to pay import duty when they receive our goods and we have to pay import duty when we receive their goods.

• Unelected bureaucrats never did dictate EU laws. We elected MEPs.

• You couldn’t (and you still can’t) name a single nasty EU law that has had a detrimental effect on the average UK citizen. The average citizen – not our political or industrial masters. I don’t care about bent bananas and I don’t care about 5p for a supermarket bag.

• The CAP has given us surplus rather than shortage • There are around 60,000 bureaucrats (civil servants) running the nuts & bolts of the European Union. Roughly the same amount as employed by the city of Birmingham.

• We were never going to be forced to join an EU army.

• We were told many times that we would still have access to the single market if we left. “They need us more than we need them”. “They want to sell us their motor-cars, their wine and cheese so they wouldn’t dare deny us access to the single market”. Now it appears that we won’t have access to the single market, the same people are telling us that they knew this all the time.

• The reason the markets didn’t crash after the vote was that Mark Carney found 250 billion quid down the back of the sofa and made it available to prop-up the financial sector.

• A week is a long time in politics. Two years is an eon. Someone will figure-out a way to stop this cluster-f**k from happening and when they do we need to support them – whoever it is.


[Updated 0850 25/02/17]

It took less than twenty-four hours from the moment Paul Nuttall was soundly defeated in Stoke and like clockwork, the infighting and bullying within UKIP had already begun. We predicted as much in our piece published earlier in the week and we’re sure nobody reading this is really surprised.

The target this time is someone who is well used to being attacked by his own side and in true UKIP fashion, their one electable and somewhat moderate MP, Douglas Carswell, is facing calls for his expulsion from Bill Etheridge after he made “disgraceful statements” on BBC Question Time last night.

Carswell 2.jpg

Perhaps Carswell made racist comments or endorsed torture. Maybe he posted false statements about his presence at a disastrous and tragic event. Or did he make multiple sexual harassment calls to women while employed as an adviser to the party?

No he did much, much worse. The Clacton MP is arguably UKIP’s last remaining source of credibility in a party that is beyond toxic and – unlike the majority of his party’s other elected MEPs – is actually known to be a good constituency MP. But the parliamentarian made an indiscretion that UKIP cannot tolerate, a sin so heinous that his immediate expulsion must be arranged.

He suggested that voters have issues with the way UKIP conducts itself and in turn, this may have an impact on why people don’t vote for them. In the twisted and dark world of the UK Independence Party this is sacrilege of the highest order. An inquisition must surely be formed – just don’t call the NEC.

“We as a party need to ask ourselves “what is it, what is it to do with our values, what is it about us?” that means many people aren’t giving us the benefit of the doubt. That’s a key question, regardless of the outcome of the by-election.” – Douglas Carswell MP’s “disgraceful statement”. 

It is not the MP’s first run-in with UKIP’s bully boy routine. Last year members of the Young Independence youth movement applauded and cheered when MEP David Coburn declared that “hanging would be too good” for Douglas Carswell at the YI conference.

There have also been multiple briefings and attacks against Carswell placed in the media, including a report that “dark forces” within UKIP had attempted to cause problems in the former Tory’s marriage by launching a blackmail plot – apparently as a way of punishing him for supposed crimes against the party.

The disgraceful behaviour can only be described as a bullying campaign and it is no wonder the MP refuses to attend party conferences and meetings. Perhaps he is worried about his personal safety, after-all, the last time he attended he was verbally abused by UKIP’s most prolific donor.

What makes it all the more shocking is that this campaign is being led and endorsed by UKIP’s elected MEPs, using their media and social media profiles to seek and destroy their man in Westminster; enabling like-minded UKIP supporters and thus expanding the bullying campaign. UKIP MEPs routinely like and re-tweet posts which viciously attack perceived party enemies including Carswell, Suzanne Evans and others, using their profiles as elected members of the European Parliament, not just their private accounts.

Infighting.jpgUKIP’s MEPs routinely use their media and social media reach to attack their solitary MP.

It’s is exactly this type of behaviour and culture that led to the shocking scenes in Strasbourg last year when UKIP MEPs Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem let their fists fly in a vote meeting; a boiling over of internal tension that concluded in Woolfe’s seizure and hospital stay. It was not outside the realms of possibility that he could have died as a result of his injuries. Thank god he did not.

Long before “the scuffle” Woolfe had confided in his staff that he was “under attack” by senior UKIP figures, including Paul Nuttall, claiming: “They are out to get me.”

The former UKIP MEP was so concerned by bullying and intimidation among parliamentary staff that he instructed one of his aides to “protect himself” and “not take the bullying”.

SW.jpgSteven Woolfe acknowledges the bullying culture within UKIP in a text conversation with an aide in December 2015.  

We have been told of several other alleged violent altercations between UKIP MEPs and /or staff in previous years. Readers will also remember that one of UKIP’s own ethnic minority aides was attacked in his office by the party’s Brussels press chief when he dared to speak up about racism and bullying within the EFDD group.

Judging UKIP by their words and actions it is painfully obvious that this type of “altercation” is the rule rather than the exception. Bullying, intimidation violence and the threat of physical force is a way of life within UKIP.