UKIP have had their fair share of fundamentalists, but one key member of the party quit on the day of their latest leadership election because the party is TOO MODERATE. Anish Patel, a former candidate and NEC member has publicly disowned UKIP, Nigel Farage and cancelled his membership in a public twitter tantrum after his preferred candidate, right-wing extremist Anne-Marie Waters failed to take control of the sinking UKIP ship.

But who is Anish, and what did he really stand for? Well, who better to ask than a former member of UKIP’s inner-circle that worked and campaigned alongside him for three years…

My first encounter with Anish Patel was in 2014, he clearly came across as a very insecure individual from appearance to charisma. It became apparent that this de rigueur was the exact requirement that his masters required from him.


Anish Patel, an NEC member who has quit the party after Anne-Marie Waters lost the leadership election.

I soon realised that he was in total awe of Farage and his close circle, however, I soon realised that his only connection with the outside world was with UKIP and that is all that he could relate to. Other Ukippers would mock him and call him the “King of leafleting” because he was well known for travelling up and down the nation to put leaflets through doors, at his own expense and often using his holiday from work.

I met him with Steven Woolfe once, and he seemed to have the great ability to emulate the words of the more far-right factions of UKIP, rather than the perceived reasonable debate of controlling immigration. It was not soon after my encounter that he revealed to me that he is very close to Ann-Marie Waters and he was in great awe of her anti-Islamic views. In fact, he felt that his Hindu faith required him to engage with his Karma and follow this woman because, according to him, she was a heroin and Goddess that must be revered in her entirety. His views became very concerning to me, he soon realised that he did not have enough financial resources to stand up as Parliamentary Prospective Candidate; he believed UKIP would fund him.

Anish is from Barking and Dagenham, a hotbed of far-right activity and a seat which the BNP fought for on several occasions. I asked him the question if he would be able to win the seat? He had the belief that all the Hindus would use their conservative values and vote for him because there was a clear fear of the memories of 1947 and the Indian partition that resulted in civil war. He seemed to show very little remorse for the deaths of so many Hindus and Muslims in the death trains of 1947, and I soon realised that he was very scared of his own ethnicity. However, he would use his status as a person of Gujarati origin to boost his profile as the Hindu that has been reincarnated to fight what he called “the Islamic invasion of Europe” – a theme which I found many of UKIP’s highest echelons agreed with.

Anish 2.jpg

Anish’s toys are flying out of the pram as he rails against Nigel Farage on twitter. 

On questioning him about successful and well-known Indian Muslims he would dismiss them and make it clear that “India needs to be rid of them”, instead of raising their profile as equal citizens. I was amazed at his attitude towards Prime Minister Modi for showing his total respect for the former Indian President Abdul Kalam, he felt that P.M Modi was letting the Gujarati people down for showing respect to the famous president and Indian nuclear scientist. I soon realised that Anish Patel engaged in so much hate towards Muslims and Sikhs that in himself he was completely mythopoeic.

His sociolect was very disturbing, I met him during a campaign once and I questioned him about the Sikh vote and how he would be able to help considering he was of Indian origin. To my surprise, he made it clear that he felt as if Sikhs were part of the problem, I questioned him about the Sikh killings of 1984 in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination and he laughed it off by quoting Rajiv Gandhi, “When a big tree falls, the Earth shakes” this was his way of justifying the killing of thousands of Sikhs during the 1984 riots. I soon realised that Anish Patel was a very twisted individual with little political acumen. He was besotted by the personality cult of Nigel Farage and openly admitted that his own brother had left him over the relationship that he has with Nigel but Nigel was far more important to him than his brother according to him.

I was an official at the time and I questioned him about his views, he made it clear that he will be someone important in the party one day. According to Anish Patel, Steven Woolfe was the key to him becoming a success. I knew that he was clearly deluded because his ability to speak in public was clearly in question and his linguistic projection was certainly not up to scratch in the political domain. One senior Ukipper (and now an MEP) told me that they needed people like Anish Patel to ensure that leaflets get delivered, and what was the point in going out in the British streets to argue with the Left when there are loyal foot soldiers willing to go out in all weathers, in all parts of the country on their behalf! From my interaction with this lost soul I reached the conclusion that his ideas were very worrying, but despite his extreme views, which were well known, the fact he was considered a very useful person to UKIP because he was someone that walk one – hundred miles a day to deliver leaflets and believe that it would take him to Nirvana with Nigel Farage – meant that they were ignored.

This is a classic example of how the far-right hate machine recruits, nurtures and promotes certain young and easily led people into UKIP. He could never get very far, and now they have found a slot for him in the NEC, I do wonder how long the NEC will last with Anish Patel in there and his anti-Sikh and Muslim views. He is a well-known admirer of the Swedish Democrats and the AfD parties. He openly admitted to me that he wants to see a Pan European Far Right party in the European Parliament. I asked him if he felt he would ever be victimised for being of Indian origin and his response was, ‘Nigel Farage and Ann Marie Waters and I see this Christian land as being Christian always, and that is all that matters.’ When I asked him about Jesus Christ being a refugee, he stated that never ever happened.

The views expressed here are those of the author. 


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